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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Brett


Nicknames: Raymond - Alanna

Age: Varies. Older then Blakey    Birth Date: March 23th.

Breed; Mustang ( Father's side)  ///   American Paint Horse (Mother's side)

Sire: Strider - Maybe.    Dam: Vixen

Alanna - A mare that mistakes him as her own son.

Siblings;  Blakey (Full) /// Spirit (Half?)


Mate: Dream   Love Interest: Dream

Crush: Dream     Crushes (on him): Dream (c) Freespirit98

Foals; Elle (with Rain)

Breeding; .... -Closed- 


Personality: Gentle hearted stallion that doesn't hurt his love ones. He doesn't like to be messed with, he will fight if someone touches Elle, Blakey or his Alanna. He is softie towards them, is solid towards his birth mother. He seem to hate his father.

Spirit Relation; Read Bio.

Herd: None (Visits Lakota Tribe often)

Owner: Not Broken.

Voice: Brett Eldredge

Theme Song(s):

"Raymond: - Brett Eldredge

"Brokenheartville" - Joe Nichols


Was born in during the March warm days.  His father was around much, his mother was close to her son. She loved him since she wanted a son of her own.  When he was wean, he got pulled from her mother and traveled far places without his mother only with his father. He never saw his mother again till he was at the age of an yearling. The two returned back to her to stay for little while till the two traveled off again.

It was a hard winter when they left, snow was piling up and his father barely stopped to rest. Brett  stayed quiet from his father. Seeing his amber eyes glowing with rage made him scared of him. His father wanted to discover more lands expect the ones he found but it was hard with a foal by his side.

The time spring came, his father made a place to stay for the two of them. A land that was empty, miles away from the Cavalry and Lakota. Brett during the time was little passed a yearling but near the age of two yet.  His father became snappy towards him for good reason. Maybe wanting his son to leave or something, doesn't know.

They stayed together till the next winter hit, they traveled again. But this storm from other storms he faced. This one had more snow and gusting winds which slipped him and his old sire apart. Brett was scared, he began to panic and run though the snow. Till he saw a light bright though the darkness. He followed it till he saw a mare and a human walk towards a laying down mare and a scared to death filly. He narrowed his eyes on the mare that was laying on the ground. Seeing her  thin body made him think of his own mother. Because it was his mother. When he found out, he tried to trot towards the four but they seem to travel though the blizzard. Brett couldn't keep up with them, soon he became lost and alone. 

Brett traveled till he stumbled into the Cimarron herd. During this time Spirit was already captured and brought into the fort. The members of the herd was scared of Brett, thinking that he will take over the spot of their messing leader. He showed them he had no interest of taking over, they made him a member of the herd.

The time of his life was pretty normal before Spirit returned home with Rain. He was angry when he saw the stallion in his herd. He was about to kick him out but the herd stopped him from doing it. Telling him that Brett had no interest of this herd, he only need a home for right now. Spirit believed them, Brett stayed in the herd longer.

Couple years passed, Spirit got captured again by the Cavalry. Which left Rain and the herd sadden. Brett did some things  that made life better by protecting the herd from rouge stallions and cougars that wanted to feast on the young foals that were Spirit's babies.

One day, Rain became flirty towards Brett which confused him very much. He never thought Rain loved him, he always thought Rain was a big lover towards Spirit. Well guess not. Brett stayed away from the flirty mare a lot till she became forceful. Then the relationship went down hill even more, it finally broke Spirit returned home and heard about this.

"I trusted you Brett!" Spirit yelled at the top of his lungs, his hooves clashing into Brett's back. Which making him squealing into pain. He stumbled a bit and glanced up at the angry buckskin stallion.

"She flirted with me..." he whined, his back was bleeding from his open wounds. He stood his ground as Spirit paws the ground with rage. 

"Now she is pregnant with your foal... you're dead" he yelled, Spirit them kicked his feet at Brett, which making the pinto stallion fall to the ground. Which making Brett be in great pain. Spirit shortly chased Brett off the herd and traveled alone again.

Brett traveled till he stumble into the Lakota tribe. Where he met a young mare with the name Blakey. She was young mare that was shy towards other horses. But she seem outgoing towards Brett, she seem familiar towards her. He soon asked her who her mother was and she said "Vixen". Then it clicked, Blakey was his younger sister.

While meeting his sister, he met an old mare Alanna. She was very sweet and loving, when first meet she kept calling him "Raymond". Brett was confuse but soon went with it. Though the time he visits the tribe, she kept calling him Raymond then son. Brett was very moved, his mother never really got the time to bond with him like he and Alanna did. But did love Alanna with his all his herd. Very often he visits Alanna & Blakey then the Cimarron herd to visit his young daughter Elle. 

Body shot by Troll Berserker (Will make a new body shot soon)

Head shot by Me.

Backgrounds by Dream works.

Face marking. 


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