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Created by : HayleyWolf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : ---------

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Bree

Name: Bree

Breed: American Mustang

Age: 3(deceased)

Height: 13h

Color: champagne

Father: unknown

Mother: unknown

Siblings: severa

Mate: The Albino(before she died and he went crazy)

Crush: The Albino

Crushers: The Albino

Children: Kaya (spoiler: she's not dead like the Albino thinks)

Personality: Bree was a very small, yet fiesty filly. She wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do and would never back down from a challenge.


Bree was born in the Calvary Breeding Base. Her parents were regular Mustangs with nothing special about them, althought Bree was a special filly. Her courage and fire made the Colonel want her as a Calvary mount, so he had the soldiers treat her with extra care when she came to age.

Bree would not bend in the slightest, so breaking her was very hard. They kept trying, not using very hard methods. They didn't want to damage the filly's spirit.

It was late one night when two year old Bree made it out of the Calvary Headquarters. The stable had caught on fire and chaos had descended on the fort. They were releasing horses, letting them run. Bree was among the ones to run, and run she did.

The very next day changed the filly's life. The calvary had caught up to her and were trying to rope her. Bree was determined not to be harnassed once more, and fought with all her might. Fate was watching.

A pure white colt charged down the hill. The calvary freaked out, screaming out about "That blasted albino colt!" Gunshots fired wildly. All the men scrambled to get to their mounts, and the one man that held Bree was taken off guard when the filly suddenly bolted. The rope slipped from his hands.

So Bree had freedom again, but one mounted soldier in pursuit. Bree slowed on purpose and the mounted soldier slowed as well. Bree was well away from him, but she turned and charged at him from the side. her forelegs rose off the ground, followed by her backlegs. She cleared the back of the horse, striking its rider to the ground. Then she bolted off again. She didn't care for the man's fate.

She was exhausted and finally had to rest under a tree. There fate met her again in the shape of the white colt who saved her. He startled her and she got to her feet, ready to do battle, although it wasn't necessary. He introduced himself, and her herself. She was suspicious of the stallion, but she let him help her knaw the rope from her neck. She joined him, following him back to his father's herd.

She was there when the colt, named Maestro, found his mother dead from a bullet wound in the head. She was there to comfort him. She was there when he defeated his "father", Larkwood. She was there when he asked her to be his mate and told her he was in love with there.

Maestro led her to her demise. She was pregnant with his foal. They were both only three, a little too young to be parents. Bree bled out during the birth, losing her life. While she lost her life Maestro lost his mind.


design and body render (c) EnGarde(i considered not making this girl a page because she was deceased, so I decided to the other day. Thats why Im making her a page even though En isn't on her anymore. he sent her into one of my contests(which is now de-activated), explaining why now have her ^^)

headshot (c) Luv4RoscoePColtrane


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The Albino&Royal herds
Thanks Zelda :)

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Faved ^-^

April 04, 2012
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The Albino&Royal herds
Thanks ^^ Her daughter(who the Alb thinks it dead) will be up in a little while.

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She so pretty. The Albino was the lucky one

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*gasp* She's sooo beautiful!! :o

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she's beautiful hayley!~faves~

April 03, 2012
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The Albino&Royal herds
The Albino's very first girl is here!

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