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Created by : Blakey

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Blakey

Blakey/ Varies/ Mare

Birth Date; September 26

{Her age is varies, but in rps she will be slightly younger then Rain}

Breed; Mustang X American Paint Horse

Sire;  Strider (c) Offical Character

Dam;  Vixen

Siblings; Brett (Full) (c) Me. Spirit  (Half) (c) Offical Character


Mate;  Rudi (Maybe~)     Love Interest;

Crushes: Rudi (Serectly)  Crushers: Many

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Foals; None

Breeding:... -closed-



Gentle natured mare that is opened minded towards horses that she trusts as her friends.  Bitter towards the horses that she doesn't like but that is rare. Most of the time, she is bouncy and playful.

Spirit Relation; Could be her brother but maybe not. She did meet Rain when she was visiting Little Creek from the Cimarron Herd.

Height: 15.1

Herd: None (She travels with Kessie)

Owner: N/A

Voice: Me >3

Theme Song(s):

"Automatic" - Miranda Lambert

"Down" - Miranda Lambert



I was born in the cold fall day during the night. My mother birthed me under those beautiful stars that you might count every night. I was only alone with her during that and every night with dawn. She was only parent when I was born. Apparently my birth father found out my mother was pregnant, he spun himself around and ran off so she can raise me alone.

My mother was a wild minded mare while I was growing up. She never leave me alone, she was always in my business and feelings. She was stubborn, strong , and more angry then I was. I was more like a softy to her eyes. She was a former Lakota horse that roamed off and got lost when she support give birth to me.

I only lived in the wild barely a year. I was barely a foal when this was happening. A blizzard blew over where my mother and I  was living. Snow was piling high enough that a full grown horse can't even go though it. Meanwhile the storm, the both of them were  struggling though the snow. Being slow because I had a hard time going though this icy storm. 

The both of us got really in trouble when my mother slipped into the snow and landed in it. She didn't get up afterwards. That's when I began to panic, I began to whinny for help over the roaring winds of the blizzard. Snow was waving in my eyes, so it was hard for me to see in a far distance. When I heard no one coming, I lied next to my mother and tried to give her my body heat. Even thou I barely have any, little heat is better then no heat.

After a while, something bright filled the darkness of the storm. I lifted my head and glared at the blazing light. It kept coming closer and closer in minutes.  When the light got too close, I stumble to my feet. The light stopped in front of me. It wasn't a light at all. A light colored mare and an Indian human stopped among them with a flame that was burning from a stick. 

The Indian walked towards me, I stumble backwards in fear. My body hit my mother's legs, I then stumbled forward and fell into the snow. Then I heard chuckles from the human and the mare. The Indian saw my mother laying in the snow, he walked towards her, and checked up on her. He saw her breathing, her chest going up and then down. She seem to be alright when the Indians take care of her. The mare and the Indian brought my mother and me to the tribe. Where  I spent most of my foal hood at.

I found out the mare's and the Indians' names were Miranda and Little Creek. Maybe the most gentle hearted folks I ever met. While living on the tribe, I spent most of my time with Miranda. Following her around and watch her do her stuff she does. She does have a mate and couple of foals of her own. They don't mind me, I became friends with them. From listening from her, I heard that she was Little Creek's horse after his former horse, Rain, left the tribe and ran off with a buckskin stallion. I was carious about the former horse of Little Creek. 

I was barely two years of age. A pinto mare came towards the tribe. Everyone at the tribe showed smiles of joy when they saw the mare, but expect for Miranda. Which was odd, Miranda was always greets horses that wonders towards the tribe. I bounced towards the unknown mare, her blue eyes glanced down at me and she stared me down. I only smiled at me. "Hello!" I squealed at her, but the mare only shook her head and walked passed me. From hearing everyone whispering, this mare was Rain. The mare that Miranda sometimes bought up.

Rain basically ignored me the whole time she was visiting the tribe. Which saddened me, I really want to know her and become her friend. I been scowled by Miranda many times to "Stay away from Rain". Well I broke that rule mostly everyday. Miranda often finds out and sometimes I get away with it. It was a 50/50 shot of getting in trouble with her.

The time I got Rain's attention when the Cavalry ambushed the Lakota Tribe. This ambush was much harsh then the last ambush Rain been though. Which was when Spirit was at the tribe. Blakey led Rain out of the battle field and stopped near the creek. She thanked me but other things were filling my mine. My mother, Miranda, Little Creek, etc. They're still out there. I told Rain to stay at the safe spot while I bolt towards back to the battle field which was formerly her home.

Bodies of horses and Indians lied on the floor. Blood was everywhere and I tip toed though the mess. Worry was pounding my mind, 'If they're dead, I'm doomed' she kept saying to herself while she searched for them. I heard hooves pounding near where I was. I bounced behind something and kept under cover till the hooves beating figure came out. It was Miranda and Little Creek. I rose up from hiding and bolted towards them. Nuzzling them both, but I still was nervous.

"Where is mama?" I questioned Miranda. Which Miranda shook her blonde hair.

" I'm not sure, the last time I saw her bolting into the woods when the Cavalry came into our sights" she answered. More hooves beating came into their ears, both of them turning and saw Rain come towards them. Which only made Miranda snort and rolled her eyes. She then turned her glare on me, "You saved that little mare did you?" she scowled.

I knew I support to stay away from her, I shrugged then snorted. My forelock going into my face when I glanced at Miranda. "Yes.. yes I did," I answered. I took a step back from the three of them, " My mother might be worried about me," I said to them before trotting into the woods.

I stumbled into the woods and I began to search for her. Out of no where, she came running towards me and she hugged me. For once in her life and mine, she is happy to see me or even happy to see me alive. I bought her back to the tribe, where the the Calvary never showed up again.

The time I got slightly older, during those days, I walked towards the creek. Like a normal day, playing in the water till I saw a stranger horse staring at me with a confuse face. I panic and fell over in the water. The stallion was still staring at her. Then the two began to talk, finding out the stallion was named Aussie and he wasn't tamed like I was. He was wild which was little saddening to me for an odd reason. We spent the day together, then a feeling filled up my chest. I don't know what it is but I like it. 

But months later, Aussie some reason vanished from my life.  He lost interest in me and found interest in some other mares. I felt alone again, like happened with Clifford ( her ex mate). 

But maybe almost a year later, while traveling though the empty woods. I met a red roan stallion named Rudi.  I fell for him after we began to know each other.

{Headshot/ Body shot by me. Background by Disney screen caps}











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