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Created by : blazetail

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Ashes

Personal Info
Current Name:Ashes  
Nicknames: Ash  
Age: 10 Gender:Mare
Herd:unnamed herd Rank:  herd mare
Homeland: none Past herds:
Genes: EeAadd
Showen: E - black, A - bay, d -not dun
Carried:e - red , a - non bay
Breed: Mustang Hight: 15.3hh
Bace coat: Bright bay  Head: bald face white marking
Back legs: left coronet ,Right  stocking  Front legs:left half stocking , right stocking
Body markings: none Hooves: Cream
Mane: Black Tail: black 
Left eye: brown  Right eye: brown
Dam: Alicia  Grand dam:
Grand sire:
Sire: unknown lead stallion Grand dam:
Grand sire:
Sibings:  unacounted half siblings
Mates: one past stallion (more info soon)
To SSOTC: Daughter to alicia(book character) 
Ashes is a calm caring mare but can become anxious if things change to much from what she is use to

Ashes was born to Alicia ,in a small herd. The herd was in bad shape, when Alicia and her mother found it, it had been a strong herd but after the old wise leader was beaten by a younger inexperienced stallion the herds number grew to big for the land they called home , fit mares turned weak and where picked off by hunters shrinking the herd ,winter starved off more, when spring came around the herd was tiny , only 6 mares and the stallion, each mare had one foal , one of these was ashes.

Ashes grew up with the other 5 foals, they played everyday and often kept away from the lead stallion by the mares as they didnt want the young ones learning from him. at a year old ashes herd changed again , a new stallion took over the herd, he was a kind young stallion and lissened to the lead mare, Ashes enjoyed being around him as he told storys of when he was a lone stallion

Ashes world was turned upside down when she was a few years old , the lead stallion had warned the herd of strange animals following them but he thought they would be ok, how wrong he was. horses with strange creaters on there backs rounded up the herd into a yard,  the creatures split up the herd dragging off some of them, before long she was picked by these things and taken away from her herd.

-more later, i want to keep this part to my self till the fanfic im doing is finished-

Drawing notes:

Head image: blazesong
Body image:blazesong
Design by: blazesong
Movie,screenshots and background belong to dream works




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