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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Artemisa.


Nicknames:Art, Arite, Arty, Arteh,Temi, Misa, Mari, Tem-Tem

Name Meaning:Gift from Artemis, or Whole and perfect in Greek



Breed:American Paint Horse

Sexuality:Bisexual(dont judge)




Siblings:Rain & Blizzard(upcoming)



Foals:none/Adopted Foals: none


Best friends: Rain, Kalista, Blizzard, Jayden(c)Dem, open

Exes: Matthew, Logan.(all used her)

Likes:Rain, when it rains outside, puddles, watching the clouds, grazing, males and females, being herself

Dislikes:when she is lied to, when she is hurt, all her exes, being around rough stallions, Trust issues, and the dark

Personality:Artemisa is a fun loving charismatic mare, She loves to act immature sometimes and is not afraid to have fun, where most mares her age are mature and all about the boys, she is all about her life and living in the now instead of the future. She has a bubbly personality and it tends to radiate to others when she is talking to them, she is a nin stop talker and not many things can shut her up.

History:Artemisa was born on a cool night a couple months after her older sister Rain, the two were closer than close and sometimes people wondered if they were the same person. Sierra and Storm were very prou of their daughters, Artie was always shadowing Rain and really couldnt trust many peoples. Rain would sometimes get annoyed with her younger sister.  Artemisa as she got older began to take an intrest in guys and soon she met a young male named Logan. Her and Logan were very close and did alot together and she thought she loved him until she found out from her twin sister Rain that he had cheated on her. Artemisa ended it although her heart was broken she tried to hide it.

Artemisa soon got over Logan and soon fell for another stallion named Matthew. Matthew was smart and a cool guy and although they didnt spend alot of time together it was soon she heard he was using her to get to her best friend, and twin sister Rain.... Artemisa was crushed again. She seemd to just get hurt over and over again, so during that time Artie gave up on boys and decided she was better off alone and without anyone her twin sister but Rain had fallen in love with a young mustang named Spirit and didnt pay much attention to her sister during this time.

Artemisa met alot of friends she could trust one that she trusted with her life was a young mare like herself named Kalista. Her and Kalista were so close they shared everything and came to depend on each other and when Artie wwas made fun of for being bi, kalista stuck up for her. Artie became stronger and stronger and soon her past was forgotten and she decided she should look toward the future and maybe one day she will find someone she can give her heart to. Her feather was given to her by Rain when Rain went with Spirit. Then sometime later they heard news that there mother had another daughter whom she named Blizzard because she was grey and white. 

Artemisa went back home to see her younger sister and could not be more proud of her younger sister. She loved her, and decided to stay and teach her sister what Rain had taught her when she was a younger sister. During the time she was in the village with her younger sister she met a young male stallion whom was named Chinook, but when she was his facial markings decided to call him frost. Frost helped her with Blizzard alot since she was a handful as a foal. Artie noticed that she started having feelings for Frost so she left to go back to her wandering, but she realized that she missed him alot. When she came back to see her sister, Frost was gone. 

She was really sad so she went back to traveling until one day she spotted Frost again. She was so overjoyed she nuzled him and ammited how she felt to him, and the two became mates soon after.


How related to spirit: Rain's Twin sister

Attention: she has the same facial and front leg markings as rain as they are twins, but her coat is redder and the white extends all the way down her leg to a reddish sock ,Her ears are red and her eyes are a bit darker than her sisters. Her mane is also much darker. 


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April 09, 2013
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Can I make her mate? :P

April 08, 2013
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She's a cutey! ^^

April 08, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
thank you :)

April 08, 2013
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Aww she's cute! ;3

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