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Created by : Sierra.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Antique.

Apperance & Basics

Name: Antique

Meaning: something old or valuble 




Coat:Grey Dapple

Markings: Dark Grey almost black stockings, dark grey mane, dark muzzle, with dapple spots

Eyes:Dark Brown


Lineage & Relationships

Sire:Unknown Mustang(open to make)

Dam:Unknown Arabian Dapple(open to make)


Love Intrests: Brown Beauty

Foals: none

His Herd:Edele Valk(Lead Stallion)

Mate:Brown Beauty



Character Traits & Persona

Likes:The herd, traveling, being around mares, flirting, his friends

Dislikes:being pushed around, men, being by himself, the sound of gunshots

Persona: Antique is a very uniqe character, where he can be nice and caring, he can also be cranky. He is a two sided dagger. Antique does not like being alone and is known for his flirting seeing if he sees a mare he likes he will flirt. But also Antique is very dedecated to the Cimmeron Herd, he was born near it and raised with the horses there. He looks up to Strider as a father figure since he never knew his father. Antique does not like fighting but he will if he sees no other option.

History: Antique was born on a late stormy night when there was thunder overheard. His mother a beautful arabian dapple mare saw her son and it was love at first sight. He was special to her and highly valuble, so she named him Antique for his markings and because he was valuble to her. Antique grew up in hard times, there was a drought and hardly no water. His mother whom was nearly starving when she had him knew she had to get help. She walked to the nearest herd, which happened to be the Cimmeron herd and to its leader Strider and his son Spirit. 

She begged for them to take her son in, for she knew she would soon die and she dint want her son to die with her. Strider and Spirit took pity on the mare and walked with her to meet her son. When they saw Antique they were more than happy to take him into their happy family. Antique's mother watched them leave with him and then she was never heard from or seen again, no one knows what happened to her, she may still be alive. 

So Strider and Spirit were with Antique throughout his life, until Strider vanished and Spirit took over as leader. Antique loved to follow Spirit around and learn from him and also from his adopted brother Leopold. Spirit was soon captured by men and the task fell to his uncle Ace to take up the reigns until he could return. Antique became very close to Leopold and so when Leopold fell in love with Fiona and had a daughter, he was very happy for his friend. But happiness never lasts long Fion left Leopold and took Gabby their daughter with her, thus forcing Leopold to leave.

Antique was very sad his friend left and turned to waiting for Spirit to return. When he did he was not alone he brought his mate a young pinto Mare by the name of Rain. Antique was happy for Spirit, he only hoped Rain would not do what Fiona did. Antique decided when he was about 2 years of age he wanted to travel he promised to visit them often and went his own way

It was about a year later he met Sorrel, the two stallions became friends fast and tique gave him a place as his second in command. he also soon met his mate brown beauty a young calvary horse who needed a place to stay., he soon fell in love with her.


How related to Spirit: he was raised in the Cimmeron Herd


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Usa Female Is not currently on the site
They could be best friend s^^

April 05, 2013
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Oh he's a gorgeous stallion!! I'm open to make a mate! :P

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