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Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Alidia

Basic Info


Name: Alidia
Nickname: Ali
Age: 2
Breed: Spanish Mustang X Paint Mare
Eye colour: Hazel


creamy orange coloured oval shapes on forehead
Chocolate Brown Muzzle
Chocolate Brown eye patch (right)

Front  Legs

Creamy Orange Stockings

Coat: Cream/Palomino
Mane : Flaxen?/Orange
Tail: same as mane
Hooves: Greyish purple 

Lives: Danish Herd



Danish Herd
Cinnamon Roll


RELATION TO SPIRIT: Alidias’ Siblings have crushes on him.


Mother:  unknown  (open)
Father: unknown (open)
Siblings: 3 – unknown, unknown, unknown  - ALL OPEN-  (all Mares)
Crush/s:  Zee
Mate: Zee
Foals: none



Striker -  Lead stallion

Spirit – Siblings have a crush on him

Cinnamon Roll –Best Friend

Candy  – Other Best friend



Personal Info


Alidia has a passion for nature. She cares about nature and will do anything to protect it. Even if someone trots on a flower; she gets moody. Alidia is considered a ‘Flower Freak’, Alidia dosnt know what the means but she dosnt care she loves nature and thats that. Alidia is also very chraming, in any battle she would be used to seduce a stallion to get their attention off something. Alidia dosnt like doing it but does it for the sake of her herd.


Winter (weather), Running, exploring, Nature, Flowers, Sleeping, Storms, Sunrise (weather), Her friends. Danish Herd.



Her friends ditching her, seducing, Bush Fires, Men and the Equipment, tight squeezes, being left out, Her siblings.




Alidia was brought up in the worst family possible (to her). All of her Siblings like the same horse, Spirit. It was very annoying to Alidia and whenever they said his name in front of her she would bite them. She began to hate them and Spirit. Alidia always had crush on him until her Siblings ‘Spoke their mind’. She doesn’t know if it was to annoy her or just to ‘Speak their mind’. Alidia grew out of the crush very quickly because of that, Alidia became very violent and was kicked out by Spirit. It wasn’t long before hunters hunted her down, Hunters began chasing her from every possible direction and she eventually got caught. Alidia was taken to the Calvary and was terribly embarrassed. Spirit was there.... Spirit recognised her and said hello.. and the conversation continued. Eventually it ended in Spirit Saying “You sisters are very funny, they all like me and they told me that you liked me !”  Spirit burs ted out laughing while Alidia turned red from embarrassment.


Spirit continued laughing while Alidia turned into a bursting balloon and said “ITS TRUE !, i used to like you.......” Sprit immediately stopped laughing and said as he was getting dragged out of the stabled to be  broken “I always liked you better than your sisters” Spirit Said walking away with a smerk on his face. Alidia grinned and squealed. Alidia thought she might of had a chance with Spirit but was kicked out of the Calvary for being too ‘Girly’.


Alidia was devastated that she couldn’t be with Spirit, but she kept moving with her head high. Alidia travelled for awhile, roughly a month or two and came along many rouge stallions but turned them down.

Alidia found a herd with a few horses; The Danish Herd. Alidia approached Striker (Lead Stallion) and asked if she could be in the herd. Striker accepted and Alidia now has two best friends; Candy and Cinnamon Roll.


Even though these 3 Mares (Best Friends) Have nothing in common, they love each other for who THEY are.




 Song: Hey, Soul Sister,  By Train


Voice:  Suggestions ?


Lineart & Renders (c) Me (Tweedbug)



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Angel of Darkness.
thnaks ^^

November 01, 2010
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She is absolutely gorgeous!! *Faves*:)

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Tring to keep the darkness in.

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