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Created by : Tweedbug

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : Horse


Detail Alexis


Basic Info

Name: Alexis
Age: 4
Breed: 1/2  Paint  (very small part Appaloosa) 1/2 Mustang
Eye colour: blue
Markings: On one of her back legs she has a small white stocking then a dark grey stocking on top. Then on her other leg she has a black stocking.

Coat: Very light grey
Mane & Tail: black
Hooves: orangey/cream

Lives:  Stargazer Herd


Everyone in the herd except Izia (c) me and Adonis (c) Din 77


RELATION TO SPIRIT: stayed in his herd  a while, while recovering from an injury.


Mother:   unknown     (PM me Or Comment)
Father: unknown   (Pm me Or Comment
Siblings: 2- unknown, unknown (Pm me Or Comment)
Mate/s: Mazerati (c) Me
Crush/s: Mazerati 
Foals: none

Personal Info


Just by Alexis looks you would probably guess that she is incredible nice. Think again, she has a nice and bad side. She is incredibly protective of whatever she wants (for example, a mate), Alexis' nice side is a caring, loving mare. She will change sides if she dosent get what she wants or no one bugs her. If she dosent get what she wants or someone hurts someone she likes she try to attack them or just walk away and wont come back for a couple of days. She will eventually come back unless they have died.

Likes getting whats she wants, being nice, caring, a stallion having a crush on her, Mazerati, Stargazer herd.


Izia, rotten apples, dead grass, when she dosent get enough attention, fighting with stuck up mares, because they think they'll always win.


~  :: HISTORY :: ~

Alexis was born in an unknonoen herd. Her parents were very proud of her coat and behaivour, apart from the fact she was so aggressive (sometimes). Her mother always looked out for her, If she went near mud her mother would freak, her mother didnt appreciate her coat getting dirty. Her mother evntually grew out of the protection when she was around 1 year old. Her Father wasnt so protective,  sometimes when her mother walked away her father would let her go and play with her friends. When her mother cam back she got up Alexis father but they just laughed about it. 

When Alexis was 3 she left the herd and went her own way. Her mother didnt approve but knew it was best for her daughter. Alexis travelled all over the west looking for a mate and herd, she had no luck but she kept her head high and kept searching. After many long weeks she stumbled apon a deep lake, she was terribly dirty and decided to wash it off. She walked into the lake and started swimming around shaking her head in the water back and forth. While she was geting out she stepped on some unstable rocks and fell in hitting her head on the other rocks. It didnt make her unconcious but she started to bleed also her ankle was twisted and it hurt like hell. 

Alexis didnt realise but a Paint mare was watching her, the paint mare walked over to her nad helped her out of the water. The mares name was Rain, Alexis thanked her and started to walk away  but tripped over some rocks again. Rain laughed a little and said "Come with me you can rest up at my homeland". I nodded, got up and started to walk with her back to her herd.

When we reached the herd she took me to the shadiest spot under the trees, A buckskin stallion walked towards me and asked Rain who is was, 'They were obviously mates' I thought to myself', The bucksin stallions' name was Spirit, "Stay as long as you want" he said and walked away. Rain stayed with me for awhile until another herd memeber could look after me.

After several weeks, i healed and decided to leave because I didnt feel welcome there. I walked towards the high cliffs and mountains. I found a mean looking stallion there, i asked for his name and he said "My name is The albino {(c) HayleyWolf} and i only take in strong mares" I started to walk away becuase at the moment i didnt want to fight.. He started to bare his teeth at me, walking towards me getting faster and faster, he reared... i closed my eyes but after a couple of seconds i opened me eyes slightly and slowly. In front of me was the albino on the ground with a Gold Appaloosa standing over him saying "This is the second time you've been caught on Stargazer land, Come back again and its a fight to death!" I slowly stood up amazed at his bravery and glossy coat, I fell in love with him the moment i saw his eyes.

I slowly walked towards him about to say thank you, but he turned around with his deep red mane flicking back, his face looked at me in shock.  "Thank you, what is your name?" I said. "My name is Mazerati, and you are ....?" "I'm Alexis, are you a herd leader?" "No, im not but im a fighter, are you looking for a herd? Because Matrix would love to have you!" "Ok, but i have to say your very handsome and brave and i would love to join his herd!"  "Great and if i say so myself your very pretty aswell" we smiled at eachother and wlaked back to the herd.

While Mazerati and i were walking back to herd i layed my head on his long neck, and he did the same but on my head. I let out a happy sigh becuase i was deeply in love with him. As we reached the herd a strong black stallion walked towards me and Mazerati. He asked for my name and how i got here with Mazerati, i explained and he agreed that i could be in the herd. He told mazerati to show me the border and features of the land and to look after me for as long as i needed. We walked around to the cliffs (The Stargazer herd ownes 1/2 of the cliff area in the west side) We stood at the edge of the cliff taking in the view, with the fresh air rushing against our face, it was breath taking.

On the other side of the cliif was a light brown mare with a black mane, she looked at me with jealousy and shock, she widened her eyes and bared her teeth and ran back towards the herd. I obviously didnt know something about Mazerati, I looked at him with a confused face but he just smiled, looked straight ahead and closed his eyes i did the same and lent my head towards his and he did the same.

A couple of seconds later a dark brown Appaloosa approached the other side of the cliff along with the light brown mare. The Dark Brown Appaloosa stepped in front of the Light brown mare pushing her behind him, Mazerati did the same. I just realised that the Dark Brown Appaloosa was with Matrix when he accepted me, the dark brown Appaloosa rushed away shocked.

The Dark Brown Appaloosa stepped back and yelled ............

To find out you'll have to read my upcoming fanfic called "The Truth That Made Me Love Him More" 
it is basically the next chapter to  "The Love We Shared"


Lineart/Render/Char Design (c) Me

SONG : For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert


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