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Alexanderia (white stallion)

Alexanderia (white stallion)


Created by : white stallion

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Alexanderia (white stallion)

Name: Alexanderia

Breed: 100% American Mustang

Age: 3 years old

Sire: Chance (me)

Dam: Georgia (Me)

Siblings: Open (Pm Me)

Foals: None Yet

Crush: Azure ( Party Rocker2012)

Mate:  Azure ( Party Rocker2012)

Friends: Bruce (Luv4EnosStraight)

Likes: Running, Playing with the foals,Following the stallions around

Dislikes: Humans,cougars,calvery

Personality:nice,loving,caring,can get mean,energetic,playful


 When she was little she was born on a cold night in a cave. There was a mare and a stallion in there waiting for there daughter to be born. Then two hours later a Albino filly was born she was beautiful. When she woke up the next morning her parents where gone and a stallion walking into the cave and found her. He helped her up and took her to his herd and said she could stay here with them till they found her parents. But they never did so she decided to just stay there

 Now she is 1 years old and she was following around the other stallions there because they were her friends and she always followed them. Then one day she was walking alone near by the forest and the stallions decided to follow her without her knowing. Then she kept hearing weird sounds then a growl and she freaked out and took off running. The stallions didnt know why so they followed her when they found her there was a cougar on her back. then outta not think one of the stallions took off and kicked it off of her she didnt know what happen cause it happened so fast he chases it off. He walked up to her and asked if she was okay she said yes thank you and he said no problem anything for a friend. So they all headed back to the herd and she never wondered off by her self again.

 Now shes 2 years old and still wanting to see her parents not knowing if she was ever gonna see them again. She walked up to the stallion now calling him dad saying will i ever see them again. He said dear soon you will they will come when they know its the right time to come she said okay i hope its soon. He said they probly will when they know your ready she said okay dad.

Then one day she went to explore cause he dad said it was okay so she went walking aorund she found a water fall and she walked up to it she never seen it before. And then all a sudden a Dark Grey mare and a White Stallion walked up to her she slowed backed up hoping she was just in their spot. Then they looked at eachother saying i cant believe your alive she looked at them like "what" and they said well were your parents, she jumped back like ''What'' Then she said you left me when i was a baby they said yes we know. We were in some kind of trouble and we didnt want you to have that life and we knew that herd was near by. So we also knew that stallion would take you in so we left and we knew we would see you again we also knew you were gonna hate us for it but we was trying to protect you. She said well if you was trying to protect me i dont hate you i knever hated you. So they head back to the herd and she walked up to the leader and said this is my parents he said yes i know. I knew they was gonna come back some day for you and this is up to you guys if you want to you can stay here and they all said yes.

 Now shes 3 years old and shes now looking for a mate she can stay with. She knows he will come sooner or later and when he does she will be there waiting for him. She also knew the Stallion named spirit she didnt really see him much but they was somewhat friends.


bases: blackhawk's-ghost



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your welcome

June 09, 2012
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ok I'll get him in so soon as I can thank you

June 09, 2012
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yes you can

June 09, 2012
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can I make her a mate :!

June 09, 2012
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June 09, 2012
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love her

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