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.:Starless Night:.

.:Starless Night:.


Created by : TheXLuckyXOne

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail .:Starless Night:.

Name: Starless Night

Nicknames: Star, Night, Starless

Meaning: A night with no stars.

Gender: Stallion (Male)

Age: Depends On Use

Breed: 100% American Mustang

Color: Black, Dark Gray

Markings: Has the markings of a Buckskin, but they're black.

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown



Used to be playful, kind, and understanding until Strider stole the love of his life. Now Starless is heartless and doesn't care about the Cimarron herd at all.



Born and abandoned instantly, Starless doesn't remember his mother. All he remembers about his birth is that it was a dark, starless night-which is why he named himself Starless Night. From his own birth he was alone, with not even the stars to welcome him into the world.

One day, as a young stallion, Starless was exploring unclaimed territory and came across another black stallion like himself-only he was as black and dark as a shadow with brown eyes. The stallion introduced himself as Strider, and offered Starless a place with him as the beggining of the Cimarron Herd-so long as Strider himself got the first mare. Starless gladly accepted-after all, how special could one mare be?

Months passed, and Strider had left to search for mares for the herd. Starless kept watch over the territory during Strider's absence. Days later, Strider returned with a beautiful palamino mare named Esperanza. Starless was awestruck-she was gorgeous, and Starless wanted her for his own. But when he approached the mare, Strider pushed him away, harshly reminding him of their deal.

Starless often tried to steal Esperanza away, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She would buck at him and scream in defiance and Strider would come and fight the younger stallion away. This eventually caused a great rift between the two friends, that only increased when Esperanza had Strider's child, Spirit. Sure, Strider was dead, but Starless couldn't stand to watch Strider's spawn-who should have been his own-grow up.

Starless allowed himself to be caught, and went willingly. He broke easily, without a fight, and was sold to the Wranglers-the same ones who caught Spirit. In fact, Starless was one of the horses tied up that night-one of the horses who helped hunt him down. However, when Starless saw how heartbroken Esperanza was that her son was captured, Starless' own heart broke in two.

Eventually, Starless became so upset that he couldn't help catch any other horses, and was sold to the train foreman to help pull it over the mountain. Again, Starless was hurt-he helped put Spirit here in a way. Starless escaped when Spirit released the horses, and went to the Lakota Tribe. There they removed the equipment and Starless ran away.

Now Starless spends his time as a mare collector, hoping one day to find a mare to fill the empty space in his heart.


Likes: Roaming the Land, Spending SOME Time with Humans

Dislikes: The Cimarron Herd


Friends: OPEN

Best Friend: Espiritu

Enemies: Strider, Spirit (OPEN)

Mate: None (OPEN)

Relation to Spirit: Loved Esperanza, was friends with Strider, and helped capture Spirit.


Herd: Dark Shadows Herd

Rank: Lead Stallion

Lead Mare: OPEN

Stallions: OPEN (ONLY 2 in his herd!)

Mares: OPEN


Voice: Nickolas Wheeler

Theme Song: Thanks for the Memories-Fall Out Boy



!!Hooves/Eyes are (c) Tikami DA!!



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