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May(mogo Zoo13)

May(mogo Zoo13)


Created by : mogo zoo13

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail May(mogo Zoo13)


Name: May

age: 2 years and 8 months old


Human Friend:Jane(she will not be made into a character)


Father: unknown,but has a different father to rain though

Siblings: Rain

Mate:Criss(c) Reba_andUnicorn333

Foals: Kiri and Thunder

likes: playing in the feilds and chasing her human friend

dislikes:being picked on

personality: she can be shy when meeting new friends,but other than that she is polite

relation: she is the half sister to rain,and daughter of Sierra

history: One Day Sierra met this Stallion,and a some months past and it was the first of may when sierra gave birth to to this beautiful looking foal and called her may.May never got to meet her father because he got capture and taken to a new place, but may got to meet Rain her older sibling,and she got to meet spirit when he first came to the village.

May met this little girl, when she was a year old and the little girl was ten years old,and they bwecame instant friends and hung out together almost everyday. May is now 2 years and 8 months old  and she was out for a walk when she saw this strange stallion but he ran away as soon as she seen him and she wants to know what his name is.

Base used(c)Tarunyada

Her Design was design by me on the way home from school, im just saying this in case any one things i stole her design.




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December 05, 2013
Site Builder (Content), Site Builder (Gr... Usa Is not currently on the site
letĺs go lesbians!
I've not seen another horse on here that looks like her, she looks fine to me

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