Working out spirits height.

Working out spirits height.

How i worked out spirit's hight


I thought I would make a guide about working out spirits height

My  first thought was to work out little creek and the Colonel height

my research turned up Lakota’s being about 6 foot 1 and he appears young  so he could still be growing, I researched the Colonel and it is said the man he is based from is 5 foot 11

So we are going to guess the Colonel’s men are the same height as the Colonel as seen here:

And little creek appears the same height as them

Now 5 11 is 17.3hh lets make them 18 hh for good math

a mustang tends to be about 13.2 to 16 hh

I then found this shot, it is clean ad shows all of spirit and little creek on the same ground and spirit is only walking

So if we agree LC is 18 hands half is 9 hands


Half of that is 4.2 hh


So right now spirit is over 13.2 hh and under 18 hh, so he is in the right measurement

We half again is 2.25 hh


So spirit is over 15.3

I know it’s a lot of haling but again we half

This means 1 hand


So spirit is between 17 hh and 18 hh I know ‘that’s bigger than a mustang’  the height given on books are just standards for showing ,they can be bigger

One last halving(no image) and we get 1.9 inches we will round up to 2 inches making spirit 17.2 hands if LC is 18, but if we remember we rounded up to 18, so If we make him 17.3 hh again spirit is 17.1 hh

So there you go spirit is 17.1hh

I did rain and she’s between 13.2hh and 15.3 hh I will have to do more  working out to get her set height.

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