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Oh hullo.á


I'm 29 years old and from Finland. I have a passion for metal music, coffee, nature and animals, and my favorite band is Sonata Arctica, a Finnish power metal band and one of the most well known bands in the metal scene.

I like lots of other metal bands, but this particular group just has been number 1 for me for the last 14 years. The passion I have for Sonata Arctica is something that can't be described with words, the band's music has gotten me through a lot and it seems like there simply isn't a song from them that wouldn't somehow fit my life, without getting into any more detail. Lol. I have been a loyal fan of them since I was like 12 years old, they own a part of my heart and I will go on spreading the word about them until the day I die. Wow, that was deep. Lol.áá

Another band that has really grown to be one of my favorites and I feel like is worth mentioning, is another Finnish metal band called Beast In Black.

This band hasn't been around for so long, and have only so far released two albums, but they've still managed to quickly grow into my second favorite band in a short period of time. And for some reason, I really disliked them at first, but after hearing their first single from their second album, my mind changed about them a lot. Then after hearimng the whole album ,and seeing them live, I completely fell in love and there was no turning back. They have such a great energy on stage, and in fact I even dare to say that they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen.áI truly recommend you to check them out, if you like power metal with a twist of 80's pop. Lol.

Other bands I enjoy include such as Nightwish, Brother Firetribe, Sabaton, Kamelot, Powerwolf, Within Temptation and Stratovarius. And many more.


I may appear grumpy, quiet and distant, but I'm still a nice person once one gets to know me. Some people might even call me rude, or even mean, but I am not, believe me. Sure, it takes a while to get me out of my shell and to trust people, but when that happens, you got a friend in me. (Notice the Toy Story reference? Lol)á I'm actually a very laid back, kind and friendly person, and I got a great sense of humour, you just may need to work a little bit to get to see this side of me. Ha ha.


Wild's 3 favorite picks:

My favorite movie: The Lion King.

No other movie has ever made felt so strongly on the emotional level as this movie. The story, the animation, the music and the characters are something that I have carried with me for almost my whole life and it holds a very special place in my heart.áIn a nutshell, this particular movie taught me how to feel.á

My favorite video game: Crash Bandicoot

Yup,ámost of you might already know what a huge Crash fan I am. Along with Spyro the dragon, I have played the Crash Bandicoot games since I was a very young kid, and as much I loved Spyro, Crash always was, and still is my number one game buddy. Lol, the three original games are naturally my favorite picks and I can't waitáto try out the new N.Sane trilogy for PS4!

My favorite TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Does this show even need to be introduced?! Lmao. As a 90's kid I will always love and cherish this show, I have watched and re-watched it over and over again, and I will still keep watching it! The cast is great and the humour is just perfect, in fact the main cast reminds me of my own group of friends. I've been asked who my favorite character is, and it's always so hard to pick, but I guess if I had to pick someone it woul be Chandler, since I somewhat relate to his sarcastic and witty personality. Lol.


Thank you for visiting, and have a nice day! (No, that wasn't sarcasm.)

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Age : 29 years (29 July 1991)
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