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Created by : Cabover Pete

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light green

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Lucás

Name: Lucás

Breed: Red-fronted macaw

Age: about 5

Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Eye color: orange

Voice: Chayanne (

Mate: Mariposa

Likes: Mariposa, his friends, the jungle, watching Carnival

Dislikes: thinking of death

Personality: His personality is marked by a sort of passive outward dealing with the world/situations, etc. He can't claim to be truly passive because he knows what he wants, and he can want things pretty well, but generally, when seeking after those "wants", he tries not to seem too conspicuous or get in the way, etc. Other than that, he can be quite obsessive. But generally, with that obsessiveness, he attempts to get something accomplished as effectively as possible. This becomes a sort of asset and liability at the same time. He can be kind of detached from the social world (a definite weakness). So, in summary, he's a slow thinker, though a thorough one. He doesn't do well with being a social butterfly, but he really does try to care for those he knows.

History: He started life in the jungles of Bolivia, and was abandoned at a very young age. He doesn't remember his parents or his siblings. He was found by someone near Santa Cruz, who took him in and raised him. He was housed in an outdoor enclosure the man added to his house. A couple years later, in early February 2009, the man went to the local airport and caught the Manaus Aerotáxi plane (an Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante) to Rio de Janeiro to gift his 24-year-old daughter with the bird for her birthday. But the plane never made it there. It crashed near Santo António, Brazil. Only 4 of the 28 passengers on board survived. The man was not one of the lucky ones. But Lucás survived. Following the crash, the family and friends of the passengers were notified, and the daughter took the bird back home to Rio, saddened by her father's death. She kept him for a few months. She couldn't bear it, so she set Lucás free. He flew to the jungle outside of the city, and settled down on a tree branch. He soon fell asleep. Another bird spotted him from afar. They flew over and moved closer, bit by bit. When he woke up, Lucás saw another red-fronted perched a few feet away on the same branch. She tried to strike up a conversation, and succeeded after a few tries, since Lucás wasn't really the social type. Before the other bird flew off, they introduced themselves. They met and talked during the next couple months, and soon a friendship grew between the two. During this time, Lucás slowly came out of his shell, becoming more and more social. As more months passed, they grew closer and closer. There were a couple weeks when they didn't hang out with each other, but still their friendship continued. Later, Mariposa got sick, and came close to death. Lucás stayed right by her side until the disease went away. A few more weeks later, the two could take their feelings for each other no longer, and after Lucás asked if she'd be his, she said yes. The two love each other more than anything, and are practically inseparable.


Relation to Rio: lives in Rio, Mariposa's parents were captured by Blu and Jewel's captors


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