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Created by : Cabover Pete

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Liesl

Name: Liesl

Breed: Brabanter chicken

Age: a few minutes older than her sister

Parents: unknown

Siblings: Käthe

Eye color: gray

Voice: Yvonne Catterfeld (

Mate: Alastaire

Likes: Alastaire, her friends, her sister, life in Rio, samba music, talking, making others laugh

Dislikes: not being understood by others, language-wise; being ignored, people

Personality: She feels somewhat out of place in town. Is also complicated, a neat-freak, enigmatic, rebellious, a rebel, somewhat irascible, and concise. To contradict this part of her personality, she can be social and gregarious, as well as kind, docile, and funny.

History: She was hatched on a farm in Germany, and was shipped to Brazil at a young age. She and her sister Käthe, being a rare breed of chicken, were supposed to be sent to a zoo. Later, after the plane had landed in Rio de Janeiro, the box they were in fell out while the plane was being unloaded. The two ran into the jungle in shock. Soon a toucan found them. He was curious because he'd never seen chickens before. They talked for a while, but Liesl didn't understand what the toucan was saying. As the sun set, the toucan helped them find a place to sleep for the night. It was a bush under a tree where the toucan spent his nights. It would be their home. Later, some people were in the jungle catching birds. The toucan noticed, and flew off. Käthe ran after him along with her sister. Käthe flapped her wings, trying to escape, but it was for naught. She was caught. Liesl escaped safely. She got little sleep that night, as she was upset about her sister being captured. During the following week, she searched frantically for Käthe, without any luck. A few days later, when Liesl was sleeping under the bush, she was awoken by a familiar voice. Käthe had returned. Liesl was happy her sister was back. Liesl asked what happened, and Käthe told her about the ordeal. She had been put into a shed with numerous other birds in cages, and was also shoved in a cage. A couple days later, she and the other birds were taken to an old airfield outside of Rio, and were loaded onto a waiting plane. The lock on her cage was accidentally opened while she was being loaded onboard, and she ran off. After more days of wandering, she found the tree where the toucan lived, and saw Liesl under the bush.

Later, Käthe noticed a female toucan and the chicks up in the tree. She didn't notice last time because they were asleep. Sad, she walked off, not turning back despite her sister's protests. Liesl didnt see Käthe for some time afterward. A couple weeks later, Käthe had gotten over it, and bit by bit, a friendship grew between her and the toucan. Liesl became aware of this. Käthe later apologized for being gone for so long, and Liesl accepted the apology.

 Later, Liesl met a particularly handsome chicken, a one-winged Dorking named Alastaire. and the two fell in love. A couple months later the two became mates, and they love each other more than anything. Käthe is happy for her sister.


Relation to Rio: lives in Rio, her sister was captured by the same people that captured Blu and Jewel, knows Rafael


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