What is the Bot protection word for this forum?

Date : August 07, 2010

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Question :

Dear Administrator,


What is the Bot protection word for this "Princess and the Frog" forum?  I've followed every instruction, and no matter which term I type (Ie: "The Princess and the Frog Source", etc.), I cannot register as either "Sexy Sugar Plum" or "Sugar Plum".


I would say that I couldn't register here because I've already registered as Jenna Baby on the Balto forum, but that can't be right, because I registered as "Periwinkle Whippet" on the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" forum.


Am I totally missing something, or what?  I'd love to register, but that Bot protection question is making it impossible for me to register, and I really don't know why...


Thanx in advance for your reply.

The Hopefully Sexy Sugar Plum/ The Hopeful Sugar Plum

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September 06, 2010
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Yes, don't register again, this isn't necessary. And, the word should be "Princess & the Frog". (I have tried it and it worked)
If it still doesn't work for any other new members, you can register on another Animation Source site and still access here.

August 12, 2010
Is not currently on the site
You only need one account, your username works on all the sources.


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