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Ray is a very relaxed, funny and also love sick Cajun firefly, and guides Prince Naveen Tiana through their adventure.

Ray is full Southern charm and has a romantic passion for his "Firefly Lady" Evangeline, whom he affectionately referred to be the most beautiful insect on God's earth.

Ray features the voice of Jim Cummings, one of the most famous voice actor in animation (who is behind hundred of characters such as Steele from Balto, Don Karnage and Louie from Talespin, Ed from The Lion King...)

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Mama Odie is the good counterpart to Dr. Facilier: The clever, eccentric and smart 197-year-old, blind Queen of the Bayou tried to help Tiana and Naveen to get rid of the evil vodoo magic of Dr. Facilier.

tegrther with her pet snake Juju she is known in the whole wide swamp of New Orleans to provide everyone with spells and talismans, who requires her advice and assistance urgently.

Voice actor : Jenifer Lewis

Louis is a musical and charming alligator with a great passion for playing the trumpet. Due to his friendly nature, he immediately offers Prince Naveen and Tiana his help on their reckless way through the dark swamp.

His "support" for Tiana and Naveen was rarely helpful, but Louis simply spead a lot of fun and humor.

Coincidentally, this character has the same name as another famous Disney character, as well as looking an awful lot like King Gator from All Dogs Go To Heaven (which also takes place in New Orleans!)

Voice actor : Michael-Leon Wooley

Lawrence is an old man, valet of Prince Naveen.

Even though Naveen doesn't realize it, Lawrence is annoyed by his carefree attitude.

Dr. Facilier used him on his mysterious plans to destroy Naveen.

Voice actor : Peter Bartlett

Tiana is certainly not a typical fairy tale princess. She is a young afro-american woman Her dreams are not about far-away kingdoms or cloud castles, but their personal success: an own restaurant.

Unlike most Disney female characters, she is very strong and is willing to learn the hard lessons of life in order to "make her dreams come true".

The character was originally named "Maddy", but her name was changed as well as the movie title (which was to be named "The Frog Princess", just like the russian tale, when big story changes occured.

Voice actor : Anika Noni Rose

Prince Naveen of Maldonia is a care-free young man, and afro-american just like Tiana.

He loves music, especially Jazz, which is the reason he comes to the french quarter of New Orleans.

After being tricked by Dr. Facilier, he is turned into a frog. He will eventually meet Tiana, mistakenly thinking she's a princess and ask her to kiss him to become human again...

As that plan failed the adventurous quest to find a way to break the pact began. Together with Tiana, Louis and Ray he made his way through the Bayou, asking Mama Odie for help and back to New Orleans to kiss a "real" princess.

He ended up falling in love with Tiana.

The character was originally named "Harry"

Voice actor : Bruno Campos

Charlotte is the pampered daughter of Mr. LaBouff and truly living a princess-like live without being one. Her father is willed to do any favour for her.

Charlotte has been Tiana´s best friend since their early childhood and they still remained friends as young adults.

She always dreamt of marrying a prince to become a real princess and as Naveen came to New Orleans she saw a chance to make her dream come true.

When compared to Tiana, she's more like the classic princesses like Cinderella or Aurora - or at least, that's what she would like to be...

Voice actor : Jennifer Cody, Breanna Brooks

Doctor Facilier is a voodoo practicioner, who can do some magic of his own.

Being the main villain, he makes Naveen believe he's willing to make a deal with him, eventually turning Naveen into a frog. He manipulated Lawrence pretending to be Prince Naveen so Charlotte LaBouff, the daughter of the most wealthy man in New Orleans will marry him which will give Facilier access and a chance to take over to the LaBouff empire.

He needed the ability to pay his "bills" to the shadows. Due to this failed plan Facilier lost his sould to the shadowside.

The character was originally named "Doctor Duvalier".

Voice actor : Keith David

Eli "Big Daddy" LaBouff is the father of Charlotte. He is a big, stout, witty Southern gentleman of considerable wealth and influence, owner of a sugar refinery factory.

He does just anything for his "Little princess" and is just happy to ready her every wish off the eyes.

Voice actor : John Goodman

Eudora is Tiana's mother. She worked as a dressmaker for the LaBouff´s.

She's to be the typical caring mother, who will try her best to make her daughter's wish to open a restaurant come true.

Voice actor : Oprah Winfrey

James is Tiana's father. He is protective, yet he believes that "you can accomplish anything with hard work".

He wished to open a restaurant togetherwith his daughter but it never happened. But even after his early death Tiana still lived for her father´s dream.

Voice actor : Terrence Howard

Stella is Charlotte lebouf's pet dog. She is first seen near the start of the movie, when Tiana and her mum walk out of Charlotte's room and Big daddy says: "Now, who wants a puppy?!" Charlotte says: "Oh, me, me, me!" And you see the shadow of a puppy come out of Big Daddy's pocket on his hand, it yaps. Her next scene is at the fancy dress ball. She is dressed as a roman general to match big daddy's Julius Ceaser outfit. When Tiana and Navean go up Charlotte's dress and knock her over, Big Daddy yells: "STELLA! Get those frogs!!" And she runs after them, her only line is: "Tiana?". I think she's a bloodhound, but if she isn't, please leave a comment at the bottem and I'll correct it.

Voice actor: Kelly Hoover.

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