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Not the best of Dreamworks, but still good,

I myself don't have a sweet spot for this film like some people, I've honestly never had. I do like it, and I can see myself rewatching it, but it's not my favorite Dreamworks flick out there. The story is pretty generic, focusing on a liar story of RJ telling these forest animals that he can help them get food but in the end just wants to get the food for his own selfish purpose. I honestly despise this cliché and everytime it gets used it makes the whole plot and the characters predictable from top to bottom. Sadly, this film is yet another example of this. It isn't enough to make it bad, but it is my biggest gripe with it. The humor is also very hit and miss, throwing out a lot of them with not enough polish to make the punchline work. What do I like? Well, I do enjoy the characters for what they're worth. RJ tends to be kinda dislikeable because of the liar story element, but both his wit and the fun performance by Bruce Willis makes him okay again. Verne has a few funny lines here and there, Stella is fine as she is and Hammy is personally my favorite character here. He has the most funny lines and the Story flaws don't affect him as much. I also like the animation. It's not aged as well, seeing as the humans do look a little awkward at times, a problem that is also present in movies at that time like Bee Movie. The Animals look great though and the Suburbia in this film has a nice look to it that gives off a vibe of an actual neighborhood like that. All in all, the pro's and the con's balance this movie out to be just decent in my book. I like it, but it's not the best out there. If you are an animal fan or just like the other Dreamworks films, check this out.

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