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Dodger is a sly kind of dog that resides in New York city in Fagin's group in their home off the pier. He is the leader of the group, but he is very laid back. Dodger is first seen tricking Oliver into getting him hot dogs, even though Oliver was thinking they'd share. Dodger makes his way back to his home not knowing that Oliver was following him. Dodger accepts Oliver into his group, and he treats him like family like the other pets.

Dodger isn't afraid to stand up to Roscoe or Desoto, and will protect his friends from them, even Oliver. Though he doesn't have as big of a role teaching Oliver street smarts like Rita does, he has a huge part in "rescuing" Oliver from Jenny, even though Oliver wasn't in any danger, and was offended when Oliver called Jenny's place home, feeling that the kitten was ungrateful about living in their place. Later, he saved Jenny and Oliver from Sykes and his two Dobermans, but he was injured in the fight with the dogs, managing to beat them. Dodger is last seen leaving Jenny's birthday party, after having spent some time there with Oliver.

Voice actor : Billy Joel

Oliver is the main character of the film. He is a kitten that nobody wanted, so he goes out in New York city to find himself a home.

Oliver is tricked by Dodger into getting him free food, although he thought they were sharing. When Dodger refuses to share, he follows Dodger into Fagin's home.

When Rita and the others are teaching him about street smarts, Oliver is paired up to work with Tito. When Tito's plans go awry, Oliver ends up in a young girl named Jenny's care. Though, Dodger thinks Oliver was there against his will, and he takes Oliver away from Jenny. When Jenny is kidnapped, Oliver and his friends end up saving her.

Oliver is last seen at Jenny's birthday party, saying goodbye to Dodger and his friends as they part ways. 

Voice actor : Joey Lawrence

Einstein is gray colored great dane, and a member of Fagin's group. He may be the biggest, but he is not the smartest. So it can be assumed that his name is ironic.

Einstein is made to be the 'paintaker' in Dodger's plans, and was brave enough to stand up to the two dobermans, Roscoe and Desoto, when they came to pay Fagin's dogs a visit. In one instance, he bumps into a car so that Francis could act as if he'd been hit.

Voice actor : Richard Mulligan

Rita is the only female dog in Dodger's group. She is the first to really warm up to Oliver after she figures out that Dodger brought the cat to their home. She seems disgusted that Roscoe has a crush on her, and she doesn't  have a real love interest in the movie.  

She aids Oliver in learning street smarts and after Oliver is adopted by Jenny, she helps "rescue" him. She also has a huge partake in saving Jenny.

Voice actor : Sheryl Lee Ralph

Tito is a tiny chihuahua with anger management issues and a love to dance. He has a spanish accent and is always the one to deal with electronic problems.

Tito is a main character in the film, his biggest role is helping Oliver try to "hotwire" a car.

Tito has a crush on Georgette, though at first she doesn't return the affection but by  the end of the film, when Georgette tries to dress him up, he flees and joins his friends.

Voice actor : Cheech Marin

Georgette is a pretty and prissy poodle who lives in the house of Jenny and her rich parents. When Oliver comes into the picture she is anything but ecstatic because he takes all of the spotlight away from her. But she deals with it in the end. She has won many awards and is a six time national champion.

She at first is disgusted that Tito likes her, but by the end of the movie she likes him. And tries to dress him in clothes until Tito runs away.

Voice actor : Bette Midler

Jenny Foxworth is the daughter of rich parents who adopts Oliver when she finds him in their car. She turns out to be a sweet girl, and she really cares for Oliver. She doesn't see much of her parents; her butler Winstin takes care of her. She ends up kidnapped, but she is saved by Oliver and Fagin and his dogs.

She owns two pets: Oliver (end of the movie) and Georgette.

Voice actor : Natalie Gregory

Fagin is a poor man who owes a debt to Sykes, the villian of the film. But with the help of his group of dogs, he can get through anything.

Voice actor : Dom DeLuise

Sykes is the main villian of the film. Fagin owes him money and he's willing to do anything in order to get it.

Voice actor : Robert Loggia

Roscoe was one of the two vicious Dobermans owned by Sykes.

Both he and Desoto have an aggressive history with Fagin's pets. Roscoe seems to have more self control than his friend Desoto, with more than just cats. Roscoe was seen to have a crush on Fagin's only female dog, Rita. He was last seen falling out from Sykes' car during the final battle with Dodger. He was electrocuted from the subway rails and most likely killed.

Voice actor : Taurean Blacque

One of the viscious dobermans owned by Sykes. He and Roscoe have an aggresive history with Fagin and his dogs.

He tried to attack Oliver but got scratched. He held a grudge for that throughout the course of the movie. Desoto is last seen when he falls out of the car in the final battle against Dodger. He is electrocuted by the subway rails, and is most likely killed.

Voice actor : Carl Weintraub

Francis is the poetic bulldog of the group. He has an english accent and loves to watch ballet and plays written by Shakespeare. Unlike Einstein, he's very smart. Most likely the smartest in Fagin's group, besides when it comes to planning. Tito loves to annoy him by calling him Frankie, always correcting him.

Francis seems to be the actor in Dodger's plans, in one instance acting like he had been hit by a car after Einstein took the blow and making a big show of it, allowing Tito and Oliver to try and hotwire the car belonging to Jenny and Winston.

Voice actor : Roscoe Lee Browne

Winston is the Foxworth family's butler. And although he bumbles sometimes, he's very friendly and loyal.

Winston isn't a main character, but he has a huge affect on Jenny's life. Since Jenny's parents are too busy for their daughter, Winston takes care of Jenny.

Voice actor : William Glover

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I think Dodger is the leader of the group beause he is sooooooooooo cool and awesome, although he is very laid back in the movie. He is also kind of like Oliver's dad in the movie because Oliver sleeps with him until Jenny Foxworth finds him tangled up in th car wires. Before she finds him she keeps him as he pet cat.:) ;) :P :cool:Dodger you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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