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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

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Detail Storm

Name: Storm

Breed: Saluki x Afghan Hound

Mate: Chloe, a Saluki (only mates for a few months)

Likes: His daughters, Rita and Willow, his grandchildren, solitude, running freely, his past mate, Chloe, travelling

Dislikes: Crowds, being looked down upon by pets, making conversation, staying in one place



Storm is calm and steady, which belies a fierceness when the need arises to defend himself. He is a loner by nature, but despite this has strong bonds with close family members, particularly his daughter, Rita, and granddaughter, Lily. He is quiet and self-contained, even when in company, which is often taken as standoffishness by those who don't know him well. The more playful side of his personality comes out usually when he is running alone or when his loved ones are around him.



In his early days, Storm was kept as a pet, but relegated to a lonely backyard where he received little attention. Frustrated with his poor treatment, he ran away at a year old and made his way to the big city where opportunities to search for food would be more plentiful. He successfully made a living for himself, and was content in his own company until encountering Chloe, a young saluki who was being walked by her owners in Central Park. Intrigued by the beautiful lady, he made contact and the mutual attraction was instant. After following Chloe home, Storm took her away each evening so they could run and play together, and he fell deeply in love with her, despite her reluctance to be thought of as the mate of a street dog. Several months down the track, the pair got careless and Chloe fell pregnant. Ashamed to be pregnant by a stray, Chloe ended their relationship and told Storm that she wished never to see him again.

 The following months were terribly painful for Storm as he grieved the only relationship he'd had in his life that was meaningful to him, and he kept going back to the old apartment where Chloe lived to gaze wistfully at the window. It was on one of these visits that he came across one of his pups, Rita, who was four months old and all alone. He took her under his wing, helping her develop into a fine street dog. The two dogs got separated in a crowd, but were reunited a few weeks later. Though Rita decided to stay with Fagin, Storm retained contact with her whenever he was around and the bond they shared never diminished.

Storm later came into contact with another of his daughters, Willow, though they never became particularly close due to her resentment of his lack of presence while she was small and vulnerable. He also spent several months with Rita's daughter, Lily, who was by his side as she adjusted to a life away from Fagin. Never one to stay in place for long, Storm quite happily went back to roaming the streets alone once Lily was ready to have her independence.


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