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Detail Rascal

Name: Rascal

Breed: Mixed (sighthound x terrier type, some might call him a lurcher)

Parents: Dodger and Rita (c) Disney

Siblings: Bandit, Lily, Dash and Nicky

Mate: None currently

Likes: Goofing around, playing tricks on others- especially Georgette, pushing boundaries, Jenny and Oliver, hanging out with his brother Nicky

Dislikes: Being ignored, boredom, sitting still, not being accepted as a proper member of the family



Rascal lives up to his name and is extremely mischievous. Although friendly and well-meaning, he is something of a wind-up merchant and gets a great kick out of teasing his friends and family members- his favourite targets being Francis, and later, Georgette. He is easily distracted and not the most adept theif- subtlety and stealth are not strong points of his. He is stubborn and takes a thrill out of challenging authority. Having fun is the main priority in Rascal's life, and the louder, rougher and messier, the better.



The second born son of Dodger and Rita, Rascal was one of a litter of five. From the start he was big and strong, and soon became the rowdiest of the pups with seemingly boundless energy. It was often a challenge for the adults to keep him under control, and even Rita struggled with him on occasion. It was a surprise to everyone when, at three-months-old, Rascal was chosen to live with Jenny as a new pet. It took some time for Rascal to settle into his new lifestyle, and his antics led to threats of sending him back on several occasions. He very quickly developed a strong bond with Jenny, who instantly adored his playful nature, and became close friends with Oliver whom he looked up to as an uncle and who often joined him running loose on the streets when Jenny was at school. With the threat of being kicked out of his new home, Rascal became much more anxious as an older pup, though never could keep a lid on his rowdiness. As he matured into adolescence, his place in the Foxworth family became more assured and he returned to his happy-go-lucky self- if not slightly better behaved.


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