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USA The official Facebook page for Animation Source!

canada Keyframe is one of the best website about Animated movies and series : it covers all the news, and you will find information and reviews on any animated film or cartoons you want!

Top The Secret of Nimh sites

Thorn Valley - Simon's Secret of NIMH Site
Usa One of the most established, successful and longest-running of all Secret of NIMH fan sites, Thorn Valley has a variety of interesting things to choose from, including an expansive fan art gallery, a discussion forum, as well as links to a multi-user online role-playing site, a fan fiction archive site and much more! The webmaster has his own NIMH persona (his character named "Simon"). The site has a pleasant appearance, is very easy and fun to navigate, and is creatively designed! Stop by and check it out!

Robin's NIMH FanFiction Archive
USA Originally owned by a Secret of NIMH fan named Robin, it is now owned and hosted by the webmaster of the Thorn Valley site. In addition to being a great database of NIMH fan fiction, there is a fan art gallery and a discussion forum. This is another NIMH fan site that has been around for a while!

Nimhster's Secret of NIMH Fandom Website
USA Nimhster's fan site has a good deal to offer Secret of NIMH fans, including screen grabs (screen shots), a discussion forum, information about memorabilia associated with the movie, a fan art gallery, and the partial re-birth of an old NIMH fan site called "Maximum NIMH".

The Secret of NIMH Archive
Canada One of the NIMH fandom's oldest sites, this wonderful archive offers a great deal of interesting material for any NIMH fan, including a full posting of the movie script, a rather harsh review of the sequel, an interesting article on mistakes made in the production of the first movie, some fan art, a link to the Secret of NIMH webring, and several articles to peruse.

Classic The Secret of Nimh sites

JR's NIMH/Don Bluth Page
USA Another very old NIMH fan site, this site is unique in that it has an engaging gamebook-style "NIMH Adventure Game", which includes some artwork! (I suggest opening it in a new window, because you may not be able to back up to the main site). There's also fan art, a tutorial on how to draw (from an old interview the webmaster conducted with Don Bluth himself!), links to old magazine articles, advertisements, etc. You'll also see a page linking information about various other Don Bluth productions. The link to "NIMH-muck", the multi-player online role-playing community is not valid, so you won't be able to access it through this site.

The Secret of NIMH P.L.A.I.N.
USA A smaller site, devoted mainly to a Secret of NIMH board game, which was released as a movie-related product back in 1982 (the year of the movie's theatrical release), and which can still occasionally be found on places such as eBay. The site also features a fan fiction entry called "The Lost Six" (about the mice who never made it out of NIMH), a small FAQ, and some information on graphics and the cast.

The Secret of NIMH Compendium
USA This small site is really not the "compendium" it claims to be. While it's a nice basic site, and has a little relevant information, it's quotes section, for both movies, has no quotes from the movies themselves, but rather quotes from elsewhere which the webmaster felt were relevant to the movies. The webmaster also includes his own review of The Secret of NIMH 2, but it is neither very detailed nor very well-written.

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