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April 02, 2015
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O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
I think they're just packaging variants, as different re-releases of the DVD (and perhaps the Blu-Ray as well) came out. These were promotional posters (and art) originally. I couldn't find any marketing information on them anywhere on the net, except some reference on to one of the variants being released by "Fox" (which I presume meant 20th Century Fox, which doesn't actually own the rights to the movie...MGM does). But I definitely have seen all three covers in the stores around here, at various times. And there may be an overlap in stocks in different stores.

March 25, 2015
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Oh wow, I've never seen that second cover before... and I am just laughing at how awfully bad it is. Where was that cover used, if I may ask?

Oh, no it's actually not a boring piece of art at all, but OH MAN, it just... reeks of trying so hard to build up a movie that only has this balloon flyer thing in it for a couple of scenes [also, why is Cecil even there? He's not a main character, nor was he ever on the air balloon thing; he only appeared after it nearly crashed on him in the forest. Continuity, what's that?] as some air-based adventure when it's nothing more than a bad version of "self-fulfilling prophecy"/"chosen one" blah with a hint of pure insanity by Eric Idle [as the best/most entertaining character in this film].

Though... it's not as boring as the original and the updated DVD art. Those are bland as plain toast.

- Juuchan17

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