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Mulan characters

Fa Mulan is a young girl full of good intentions but clumsy. Lively, intelligent and dynamic, she does not hesitate to speak her mind. She has trouble adapting to her condition as a young woman. It is attempting to defend the honor of her father and avoid war it pretends to be a man (then known under the pseudonym Ping) and becomes a soldier of the Chinese imperial army. Helped by Mushu, Cri-Kee and Khan, she will surpass the strength to meet men and not fall behind. Despite a difficult start, Mulan will eventually be valuable allies and win the trust of the other warriors

Voice actor : Ming-Na Wen

Chi-Fu is with the Emperor of China and follows the progress of the regiment of Shang. Character Antipater and much appreciated by others, he sees the accession to the title of Captain Shang a pistonage. He expects only one thing: to degrade the image of the Shang to resign.

Voice actor : James Hong

Chien-Po, despite his intimidating appearance and imposing, a relatively quiet and very polite. He loves food and has the responsibility to calm tempers ran high. He will be in the trio friend's of Mulan

Voice actor : Jerry Tondo

This cricket abnormally fours. The grandmother of Mulan gives her, thinking it is a lucky cricket. Mushu will help to ensure the young woman.

Voice actor : Frank Welker

Mulan is the mother who is worried both for her husband for his daughter. We do not see much of her.

Voice actor : Freda Foh Shen

Mulan's father is. He was wounded during a previous war. He loves his daughter dearly, and forgive her blunders even if they are likely to attract dishonor to the family.

Voice actor : Soon-Tek Oh

The First Ancestor of the Fa family answer the prayers of Fa Zhou to watch over Mulan. He does not like Mushu.

Voice actor : George Takei

It is the father of Shang imperial army general. He told his son the post of captain, to the displeasure of Chi-Fu. We see little of him.

Voice actor : James Shigeta

The grandmother of Mulan seems somewhat sassy and fearless (to the point of crossing the road with outstanding strength, eyes closed in the company of a cricket supposed to bring good luck), with a certain temperament. It is very close to his granddaughter. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary

Voice actor : June Foray

Khan is Mulan's horse, which strangely bears the name of a great Mongol warrior. It does not seem to appreciate enormously Mushu but remains a steadfast dedication to Mulan.

Voice actor : Frank Welker

Character cooler than Yao and playful, it is easily mixed with the fights he wants to find a young woman who admired for his feats of arms and wartime exploits. He is a member of the trio that accompanies Mulan. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - View detailed dictionary

Voice actor : Gedde Watanabe

Little Brother is the dog, who helps Mulan feed the chickens. Always exctied, we see little of him in the flim.

Voice actor : Chris Sanders

Mei is one of the daughters of the Emperor, who must marry for diplomatic purposes. Like her sisters she dreams of more freedom, a life filled with adventure. She has a weakness for the muscular men.

Voice actor : Lucy Liu

Mushu is a small dragon gong ringer, sent by the ancients to wake a dragon-keeper. Clumsy, he destroyed the statue habritant spirit and decides to leave his place to protect Mulan. Selfish at first, which only seeks to regain its former position as guardian of the Fa family, he will hold fast to Mulan. It is a humorous character, stubborn in his way, devious and deceitful, but that hides a big heart.

Voice actor : Eddie Murphy

Shan-Yu is the leader of the Huns, who considers the building of the Great Wall of China as a challenge by the Emperor. In this sense, he is desperate to invade China and create terror, to take possession of the imperial palace and the Emperor submit to his will. It is always accompanied by a raptor which also serves as a scout.

Voice actor : Miguel Ferrer

Li Shang is a young soldier just promoted to captain and is given his first team to be formed. He longs to prove his good soldiers and climb higher up the ranks. Initially it will show remote strict disappointed by the ignorance in feats of arms of his disciples. Shang will even consider Mulan as a burden and want to send her home. Despite its ambitions, its main purpose seems to protect the emperor and his subjects.

Voice actor : B.D. Wong

Shang's horse, which takes a fairly significant role in Mulan 2. Khan as he is very loyal to his master, and will not hesitate to put his life in danger for him. He's more bright and intelligent.

Voice actor : None

Su is one of the daughters of the Emperor, the youngest, who must also marry for the good of the people. She is energetic and lively, loves to cook.

Voice actor : Lauren Tom

The Emperor of China to watch the end of the first film as a man of honor and Mulan will reward his exploits. In Mulan II, he has three daughters he intends to marry fons policies for the good of his country.

Voice actor : Pat Morita

The matchmaker responsible for determining based on physical criteria and personality, the girls marry age. We see her much, but she has a bad temper.

Voice actor : Miriam Margolyes

Ting-ting is the eldest of three daughters of the Emperor, and in some ways more reluctant to disobey her father. She likes humor.

Voice actor : Sandra Oh

Yao is a strong character, whose nerves let go easily. He loves the fight, which earned him a black eye from the day of his recruitment. He initially sought to undermine Ping / Mulan. In spite of his airs, he will be part of the trio who accompany and support Mulan through.

Voice actor : Harvey Fierstein

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