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Yu Wen Yue

Yu Wen Yue


Created by : Priya

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Yu Wen Yue

Yu Wen Yue “Yue’er” 

Titles: 20th prince, General, The Rich, The Tall

Appearance/Manner of Dress: Tall and well built, Yue’er is well known for his looks. He has sharp/high cheek bones and dark, thick ebony hair. His eyes are a grayish-brown and he has faint freckles on his face. Yue’s mother is from a particularly rich family, and so Yue’er often sports golden jewelry. His hair is braided almost exclusively, and he braids with golden chains (as pictured). Besides the braids, he wears a gold ring on his left hand. In terms of clothing, Yue’er is known to sport gemstone colors: Ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, etc.. and is never seen in anything light/pale. 

Personality: extroverted, happy-go-Lucky and extremely stubborn, Yue’er is known as a bit of a wild child, always attempting to ditch courtly ways in favor of the common life. Being the 20th prince, Yue’er has no interest at all in his father’s throne. He enjoys working with his hands and adventuring. 

Story: Yue’er was born to a concubine of the emperor who came from an obscenely rich household, and so he grew up in extreme comfort. As a child he liked to run wild, and he would often (secretly) do so with the daughter of the Duke Wan Bei. The two got along really well. So well in fact that his mother thought to have them betrothed. All of that went to shambles when the emperor cast out the Duke, along with his family. Yue’er attempted to help them from the sidelines, sending money and other trinkets. When he was a young man, he came forth and begged his father to let him marry the Duke’s daughter. As punishment for his insolence, the emperor told Yue’er that he must go to war, and only if he and his battalion are successful would he allow it. Yue’er was assigned under Shane’s battalion, and to the surprise of his father, they did indeed win. After Mu Lan takes off back to her family, the emperor conceded to the marriage, and all of China got to celebrate once again. 


  • His theme song is “Next Life” by Li Qi
  • His voice actor is Shawn Duo. 
  • The word “honor” is carved into his sword. 
  • His hair was inspired by Tolkien’s Fingon, son of Nolofinwe. 
  • His name is the same as a character from a drama I saw once, because I’m terrible with names. 
  • He is involved in my upcoming fanfic, "The Desolation of a Dynasty". 

Relation to Mulan: Son of the emperor, fights alongside Shang and Mu Lan against the Huns. 


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