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Li Bai Hua

Li Bai Hua


Created by : Priya

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Li Bai Hua

Li Bai Hua 

Titles: The Wild 20th Princess (a nickname given to her for her behavior resembles that of the 20th prince) ; The White Lady (for her light clothing).  

Appearance/Manner of Dress: Bai Hua is slim and pale faced, with golden eyes and very curly black hair. Bai Hua typically only wears earrings and occasionally a simple hair accessory, but doesn’t put on much else. Only her lips are painted with makeup. She prefers light, airy clothing and light, pale colors. She’s always seen in pale blues, pastel greens, yellows and whites. Unlike most ladies of higher status, Bai Hua prefers to keep her hair down and unrestrained, much to the disapproval of others. 

Personality: Flighty and ferociously independent, Bai Hua is nothing like her name might suggest. A lover of the wilds and against all rules and regulations bestowed to her through status and gender, Bai Hua is infamous for her erratic and in-lady like behavior through the entire imperial city. Bai Hua despises being looked down upon or underestimated. 

Story: Born the younger sister of two older and very traditional brothers, Bai Hua has seen her fair share of rebellions through her own actions. It began young- things like sneaking out into the gardens by herself, or never putting her hair up. As she got older the rebellions became more prominent and less accepted. Her father, General Li, has her married off to a nobleman by the time that she was 15. She was to be escorted by three of her brothers’ most trusted servants, but in the middle of the night she evaded them as they were making their way through a forest. She later meets and marries a Hunter/farmer and has a son with him. After a few years her husband, who had originally been caring and lenient with her freedoms, turned into a jealous and controlling man. Bai Hua took her son and fled, but her husband found them and managed to shoot their son down before Bai Hua could shoot him. Bai Hua returned home in disgrace, and continues to cling to her brothers as she does not want to follow through with the match her father had made so long ago. 


  • Her name means “white flower” 
  • Her voice actress is Fan BingBing 
  • Her theme song is Ode to Grand Theft
  • Like her brothers, she is exceptionally tall (typically the tallest female in a room).
  • She is an avid hunter, and is exceptional with a bow and arrow. 
  • Involved in my upcoming fanfic, “The Desolation of a Dynasty”. 

Relation to Mulan: Sister of Li Shang.


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