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Profile updated September 23th   2019.

Oh hullo.

Let's make it clear right away that I don't reply to messages like "yo", "hi" or "sup".

Anyhoo. I'm 28 years old and from Tampere, Finland. I have a love for metal music, coffee, nature and animals, and my favorite band is Sonata Arctica, a Finnish power metal band and one of the most well known bands in the metal scene.

I like lots of other metal bands, but this particular group just has been number 1 for me for the last 14 years. The passion I have for Sonata Arctica is something that can't be described with words, the band's music has gotten me through a lot and it seems like there simply isn't a song from them that wouldn't somehow fit my life, without getting into any more detail. Lol. The vocalist and song writer of the band, Tony Kakko, isn't only

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Membre depuis le : 29 Avril 2005
Mon groupe : Big bad mods.
Pays : finland Finland
Age : 28 ans (29 Juillet 1991)
Sexe : female Femme

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29 Août 2019
N'est pas actuellement sur le site
I'm not sure I'm allowed to ask other users questions, but I'm still new and cant find any good linearts for both head and full body, and I cam't draw even if my life depended on it, is there any good linearts you recommend using? I'm sorry to be a bother if this isn't allowed. Love your characters!

07 Août 2019
Israel N'est pas actuellement sur le site
I am glad(:

07 Août 2019
Finland Fille Est actuellement sur le site
Big bad mods.
I'm good.

06 Août 2019
Israel N'est pas actuellement sur le site
How are you?

06 Août 2019
Finland Fille Est actuellement sur le site
Big bad mods.


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