Celestia's Reign: Chapter One- Moon Flower


 I remember it well, staring silently out the castle window on one particular day. I watched bright, happy ponies around the village as they basked in the sun- my sister’s wonderful creation. I sighed softly, closing my eyes. The warmth against my coat was lovely.

  Today had been such a disaster and yet my elder sister’s brilliant sun beamed down on me urging me not to be sad. But I was… It was my big day and I knew as soon as I entered the hall that everypony was disappointed in me. I knew the reason, but I did not know the reason for that reason. I only wish I fully understood why…

   Just then I heard somepony enter the room. I turned to see my mother standing in the doorway. Her long, flowing mane glowed radiantly and the sun light caused her bright blue eyes to sparkle vibrantly. She seemed to light up the entire room with her presence.

   ‘Luna?’ She spoke gently.

   ‘Yes, mother?’ I replied quietly.

   ‘Are you alright?’

   I opened my mouth to tell her that I was fine, but the words wouldn’t come out. I’d turned away from the window- the sun no longer able to contain my bitterness. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

   ‘Oh Luna,’ mother sighed, reaching to me and holding me close to her. ‘My sweet little Luna…’

   ‘I just don’t understand it,’ I murmured, ‘why don’t I have my cutie mark yet? Celestia got her cutie mark way before her coronation and so did you and father and...’

   Mother smoothed my mane soothingly and was silent.

   ‘Everypony stares… They seem like they hate me, but then… I can’t blame them. I mean, what kind of princess doesn’t know her own destiny?’ My head dropped and another tear slid down my cheek.

   Mother remained silent at first, but then she spoke softly. ‘Luna, let us take a walk outside in the last rays of your sister’s beautiful sunshine.’

   As soon as I’d heard “sunshine” a new bitterness welled up inside me. Everypony loved Celestia because she brought something wonderful into the world. I had nothing. Reluctantly I got up and followed mother out into the fields.

   ‘Look around, Luna. What do you see?’ Mother said, gently lifting my head to the beauty that surrounded us.

   I cleared my throat. I knew that as a princess the important thing was to know what I ruled over and to always keep a watchful eye on it too. ‘Well… I see… houses, ponies; the market in the distance! And further than that I see...’

   Mother put her hoof on my shoulder. ‘How about what surrounds us here?’

   I looked around myself, puzzled. ‘But there are only empty fields.’


   ‘Well… there are plants and trees here; nothing really special, though.’

   ‘Oh, but that’s just not true,’ mother said. ‘What surrounds us now- the trees, the plants and grass, they are the most important parts of Equestria. They are the very reason we exist, my little filly.’    

   I frowned. What could she mean? This was not what Celestia had taught me.

   ‘Tell me,’ mother continued. ‘What do we eat?’

   ‘Hay,’ I answered. ‘And apples... and carrots.’

   ‘And where do they come from?’

   ‘The village?’

   Mother chuckled. ‘And before that? Where did they come from before they reached the village?’

   ‘…Trees and plants,’ I realised.

   ‘Luna, you must remember that the most important thing about ruling a kingdom is to cherish and nurture the simple things, even if they do not seem important at the time and even if others choose to ignore them. If you trace the roots of something great, you are sure to find something even more wonderful, you just have to open your eyes to see it.’

   I didn’t honestly understand what she was saying then, but I think I must have started to at some point. It only makes me miss her more.

   ‘What about my destiny?’ I questioned impatiently.

   ‘You see these flowers?’ Mother said.

   I nodded.

   ‘Notice how most have bloomed, yet a couple are still sleeping.’

   I listened intently.

  ‘But, whilst the others are withering away the ones that had lain dormant have bloomed into the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever see.’

   ‘But… what if they never bloom?’ I asked concerned.

   Mother smiled. ‘They will in time, young filly. Life has a plan for you, my sweet Luna. Life has a plan for us all and we shall fulfil our destinies whether we want to or not.’

   I stared down at the little indigo buds. So much promise and hope clung to them.

   ‘Here,’ mother said, placing a purple flower in my mane. ‘It’s a Moon Dust flower. They’re from the Everfree forest and only bloom once every thirty days. They are said to grant wishes.’

   ‘Do you think it would help me find my destiny?’ I asked hopefully.

   Mother chuckled. ‘You just never know. Now, let’s get inside before it gets dark.’

   As we approached the palace I looked up to see my sister above, her eyes focused on the sky with intent. I looked behind me and watched as the sun slowly set; disappearing behind the trees in the distance.

   I still remember seeing the sun disappeared behind the hills. At that moment I felt that no matter what, everything would be okay. But I would later learn that destiny waits for nopony and time has a way of changing things.





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bi pride
Great, can't wait to read them c:

May 12, 2014
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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed. There is more to come and I will post more chapters soon. ^^

May 10, 2014
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bi pride
Short but sweet: I LOVE this! It's so well written, and it shows Luna's feelings really well ^^
Great job!

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