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TitleSeason numberAiring rankProduction rankAiring dateAnimation company
The Return of Harmony Part 12127September 17, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Return of Harmony Part 2 2228September 24, 2011Hasbro Studios
Lesson Zero2329October 15, 2011Hasbro Studios
Luna Eclipsed2430October 22, 2011Hasbro Studios
Sisterhooves Social2531November 05, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Cutie Pox2632November 12, 2012Hasbro Studios
May the Best Pet Win!2733November 19, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Mysterious Mare Do Well2834November 26, 2011Hasbro Studios
Sweet and Elite2935December 03, 2011Hasbro Studios
Secret of My Excess21036December 10, 2011Hasbro Studios
Hearth's Warming Eve 21137December 17, 2011Hasbro Studios
Family Appreciation Day 21238January 07, 2012Hasbro Studios
Baby Cakes 21339January 14, 2012Hasbro Studios
The Last Roundup 21440January 21, 2012Hasbro Studios
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 21541January 28, 2012Hasbro Studios
Read It and Weep 21642February 04, 2012Hasbro Studios
Hearts and Hooves Day 21743February 11, 2012Hasbro Studios
A Friend in Deed 21844February 18, 2012Hasbro Studios
Putting Your Hoof Down 21945March 03, 2012Hasbro Studios
It's About Time 22046March 10, 2012Hasbro Studios
Dragon Quest 22147March 17, 2012Hasbro Studios
Hurricane Fluttershy 22248March 24, 2012Hasbro Studios
Ponyville Confidential 22349March 31, 2012Hasbro Studios
MMMystery on the Friendship Express 22450April 07, 2012Hasbro Studios
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 22551April 21, 2012Hasbro Studios
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 22652April 21, 2012Hasbro Studios

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