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TitleSeason numberAiring rankProduction rankAiring dateAnimation company
Friendship is Magic, Part 1 (Mare in the Moon)111October 10, 2010Hasbro Studios
Friendship is Magic, Part 2 (Elements of Harmony)122October 22, 2010Hasbro Studios
The Ticket Master133October 29, 2010Hasbro Studios
Applebuck Season144November 05, 2010Hasbro Studios
Griffon the Brush-Off155November 12, 2010Hasbro Studios
Boast Busters166November 19, 2010Hasbro Studios
Dragonshy177November 26, 2010Hasbro Studios
Look Before You Sleep188December 03, 2010Hasbro Studios
Bridle Gossip199December 10, 2010Hasbro Studios
Swarm of the Century11010December 17, 2010Hasbro Studios
Winter Wrap Up11111December 24, 2010Hasbro Studios
Call of the Cutie11212January 07, 2011Hasbro Studios
Fall Weather Friends11313January 28, 2011Hasbro Studios
Suited for Success11414February 04, 2011Hasbro Studios
Feeling Pinkie Keen11515February 11, 2011Hasbro Studios
Sonic Rainboom11616February 18, 2011Hasbro Studios
Stare Master11717February 25, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Show Stoppers11818March 04, 2011Hasbro Studios
A Dog and Pony Show11919March 11, 2011Hasbro Studios
Green Isn't Your Color12020March 18, 2011Hasbro Studios
Over a Barrel12121March 25, 2011Hasbro Studios
A Bird in the Hoof12222April 08, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Cutie Mark Chronicles12323April 15, 2011Hasbro Studios
Owl's Well That Ends Well12424April 22, 2011Hasbro Studios
Party of One12525April 29, 2011Hasbro Studios
The Best Night Ever12626May 06, 2011Hasbro Studios

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