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Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn (and a former unicorn from seasons 1-3), and the main character of the Friendship is magic series. She's a studious mare, a princess, element of magic and former protege to Princess Celestia. She was sent to ponyville in the very first episode of the show by Celestia to check on the preperations for the Summer sun celebration. Here, she learns the importance and magic of friendship, which granted her her ascention to princesshood, granting her her wings and title in season 3. Twilight has always been a keen reader, studying and performing magic spells, and sending friendship reports as her "faithful student" to Princess Celestia. She has a close bond with Spike,a baby dragon she hatched from his egg during her entrance exam into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, and uses him to send her various letters and scrolls. She also has a pet owl, named Owloiscious.

From the season 4 finale onwards, Twilight is the princess of friendship, who lives in a castle in Ponyville. Here, her 5 friends and Spike stay with her, with their own thrones beside her.

Twilight has been in many forms: Unicorn (From seasons 1-3), Earth pony (Season 2 episode 1), a crystal pony (season 3 episode 2), alicorn (season 3 finale onwards), human (Equestria Girls), and Breezie (season 4 "it aint easy bein' breezie")
Her cutie mark is a pink star with 5 white stars around it.


Voice actor : Tara Strong (speaking) Rebecca Shoichet (singing)

Rainbow dash is a blue pegasus with a big ego. She's a keen flier (so much so she sees herself as the best flier in all Equestria), lives on the outskirts of Poyville and aspires to be a member of the wonderbolts. Along with this obsession, she also takes an interest in the Daring do series (a collection of books about a pegasus pony who has various adventures). As a filly, she lived in Cloudsdale, where she was friends with Fluttershy. She moved to Ponyville on her birthday, marking it as her "Birthaversairy." Rainbow dash's job is controlling Ponyville weather, and is the captain of the weather team for winter wrap up. She has a pet tortoise named Tank, that she straps a propellor onto so he can fly with her. She represents the element of Loyalty.

Voice actor : Ashleigh Ball

Fluttershy is a yellow pegasus with a kind and timid heart. She loves caring for all kinds of critters, and is far more comfortable in their presence than around other ponies. She may be timid, but she's faced dragons (which she has a great fear of), manticores, bears and other dangerous animals and mythilogical creatures.

Fluttershy lives in a small cottage surrounded by a small stream on the outskirts of Ponyville and close to the Everfree forest. She cares for her sick animals their, letting them stay while they recover. Out of all of her animals, the most prominent one that she cares for the most is a white bunny named Angel.

Her cutie mark is three butterfiles.

She represents the element of kindness.

Voice actor : Andrea Libman

Apple Jack is an orange earth pony that lives at Sweet Apple Acres with her family (Granny Smith, Apple bloom and Big Macintosh). She's a hard working mare, who does most of the chores around the farm along with her brother. She's dependable, honest and loyal to her friends and family. She spends her days bucking apples on the farm, spending time/supporting her family and spending time with her friends. She has a pet dog named Winona, who helps her with herding animals such as cows, sheep, etc. She represents the element of Honesty.
Her cutie mark is 3 apples.

Voice actor : Ashleigh Ball

Rarity is a white fashonista unicorn. She makes clothes for a living, and also does it for favours for her friends. She lives at carousel boutique by herself, though her younger sister Sweetie belle often comes to stay or visit. While she may only be living in a small boutique in Ponyville, that doesn't mean she doesn't have important clients: She's made dresses for many important occasions and ponies, like the Canterlot wedding, Sapphire shores and many more. Spike (the baby dragon) is a not-so secret admirer of Rarity, and is always eager to help her out in any way he can. She also has a white persian cat named Opalscence.

Her cutie mark is three blue diamonds.

She represents the element of Generosity

Voice actor : Tabitha St. Germain (speaking) Kazumi Evans (singing)

Pinkie pie is the pink earth pony who lives in Ponyville with mr. and mrs. Cake in Sugarcube corner, where she helps with baking the goods. She's bubbily, bouncy and fun, as well as the party planner for almost all of Ponyville's parties. Pinkie was the first of the mane 6 to meet Twilight Sparkle when she came to Ponyville, and planned her "Welcome to Ponyville" party in Twilight's library. She also has a pet alligator named Gummy, that she is often seen playing with. Pinkie pie represents the element of laughter.
Her cutie mark is 2 blue balloons and 1 yellow

Voice actor : Andrea Libman (speaking) Shannon Chan-Kent (singing)

Spike is Twilight Sparkles faithful dragon assistant. She hatched him from his egg when she was a filly and has cared for him ever since. While he can be sarcastic, lazy, and laughing at the wrong moments, he's also loal to his Dragon code (from "Spike At Your Service") and of course, the mare who raised him: Twilight. But that doesn't stop him from having a massive (and not so secret) crush on Rarity, helping her out in every way possible.

Voice actor : Cathy Weseluck

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