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Created by : roxie

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Frankie

Name: Frankie

Age: depends

Gender: female

Species: alicorn 

Parents: unknown 

Siblings: unknown 

Foals: none yet. 

Crush: Rainbow dash 

Friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow dash, spike and Princess luna

Unsure of: Pinkypie

Don't get along with: Twilight sparkle 

Personality: extremely shy. Kind. Curious. 

Likes: being helpful and animals

Dislikes: loud noise, pressure, bullies

Appearance: alicorn, white body, purple and black mane/tail, violent eyes, and  black stripes around both her back legs. 

Body image: mogo zoo 13

Head image: mogo zoo 13

Bio: It has 3 days since Luna had been watching the teenage couple, strange pair. The mare seemed stressed. Luna soon realised that the mare had not long ago given birth to an alicorn. 

Luna found herself in the mares dream. The mare was laying down next to her foal, crying. She was scared that her boyfriend would not like baby and that the foal would be teased growing up different from the rest of the Foals. 

Luna tyred to comfort the mare. She told her of a place where the foal would fit in. That luna would look after her. The mare agreed. 

So luna took the baby alicorn. The mare said that she had named her baby Frankie. 

As frankie grew up a little bit, she was allowed to explore the forest. There she met another foal. She was yellow and had pink hair and she had wings just like her. 

Frankie hid when the other foal saw her. "you don't have to hide. I won't hurt you" said the foal, coming around the tree. 

She seems nice frankie thought. Frankie came out of hiding. "I'm Fluttershy." said the foal. "why aren't you up in the sky flying with all the others?" frankie asked. 

"I fell. But I like it here on the ground. With all these cute little animals" said Fluttershy. Just at that moment, a foal flew down from the sky. 

She was blue and had rainbow colour hair. "are you OK Fluttershy?" she asked. "yes I'm fine" said Fluttershy. "good cos I totally beat the boys.!" said the blue foal. 

"who's this Fluttershy?" she said. "I I'm frankie" stutters frankie. "your an alicorn! That's so cool! . I'm rainbow dash by the way". 

The 3 new friends played for ages. Luna came looking for frankie, it was almost night now. 

A few years later and frankie was helping Fluttershy look after animals. She was so good with them. Frankie also helped rainbow dash with her races. 

After a while frankie met twilight sparkle and spike the dragon. Frankie had never seen a dragon before. 

While frankie was looking at spike, twilight was being really mean to her. Saying that all alicorns are supposed to be royalty or earn their horn/wings. Frankie was born with hers







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