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Duster Dawnhorse

Duster Dawnhorse


Created by : Sora-Kun

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Duster Dawnhorse

Name: Duster Dawnhorse (Duster)
Species: Eohippus
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Location: Sandstill Island (born,) Canterlot (lives in presently)

Family: Terra Dawnhorse (eohippus mother, deceased) Forge Dawnhorse (eohippus father, alive and still in Sandstill)
Adoptive family: Lamp Post (unicorn) and Moonbow (pegasus)

Personality: Bold, spirited, and a risktaker, Duster loves the thrill of adventure. She's always eager to seek out and try new things. Sometimes her insatiable curiosity about her new world causes her to act before thinking, putting herself in danger. She takes it as a new experience. Duster gets frustrated fairly easily and will vocalize her frustration loudly to anyone who will listen. She can get snarky and biting when annoyed or frustrated but when shown something new she'll quickly forget what she was mad about in the first place. Duster tends to expend emotional energy and drain quickly. She feels the need to have a big personality among modern ponies to make up for her small size.

Relation to MLP: Lured away from her home and sold by Dr. Cabelleron, freed by Princess Twilight Sparkle, attempting to cultivate a constant friendship with Twilight

Background: Duster was born on a small island called Sandstill Island off the southwest coast of Equestria. Sandstill is a place frozen in time; ponies stopped evolving and remained in their prehistoric forms, megafauna roam the land, and nature operates without magical interference. The island is connected to Equestria by an unstable landbridge no eohippus has attempted to cross, fearing both the bridge itself and what lies beyond it.

Duster's mother died from disease, leaving her father to raise the bold and spirited filly on his own. Duster was a hoofful as a filly, running among brontotherium stampedes and taunting terror birds which hunted eohippus like herself.

Even though her bravery and adventurous (sometimes foolish) nature set her apart from others her age, she never fit into rigid eohippus society. She was not strong enough to be a warrior, not spiritually in-tune enough to be a shaman, had no family to be a homesteader, and was marginal at best when it came to artisanship like her mother. She grew up without a cutie mark, not finding her true talent.

Eventually she was the last of her generation without a cutie mark. In eohippus society, a cutie mark is seen as a mark of adulthood. Even though in years Duster was an adult, she was still looked down upon as a child. She longed for a way to escape and seek her fortune in the mysterious place beyond the landbridge.

Duster's wish came true in the form of an exploration team, seeking information on eohippi and their society. The head shaman of Duster's clan refused to cooperate with the strangers and sent them away. Duster, however, ran after them and begged them to take her with them. The expedition lead, a stallion named Dr. Cabelleron, agreed to house, feed, and care for her in exchange for information on the eohippus way of life. Duster eagerly agreed and boarded a ship to Equestria.

What Duster got was completely different than what she expected. Cabelleron sold her to the Natural History Museum of Canterlot, where she was put on display as a living exhibit in a mock-up eohippus habitat. She'd talk about her land and culture for hours, gawked at by ponies from all over Equestria whom had come to see a living fossil.

Duster was miserable in her state. While technically Cabelleron never broke his agreement, this wasn't the life she wanted. She only made one friend in her prison, an old night security guard unicorn named Lamp Post who took pity on her. Every night they'd talk, mostly about Equestria and their culture. The more they talked, the more Duster longed to be free to see it for herself. But the mare had long lost hope for freedom.

Salvation came from an unlikely source. An alicorn princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle had caught wind that Canterlot's museum had obtained a one-of-a-kind priceless specimen of Equestrian history. Always eager to learn something new, the princess took a trip to see this artifact for herself. Instead of finding a valuable artifact, she found a broken ancient pony too miserable to even beg for help from a creature her own culture would call a god.

Shocked at the fact that the museum had basically been holding a pony prisoner against her will, Twilight issued a decree demanding the release of Duster. Not one to fight against a princess and a valued patron, the museum granted the request and Duster was let go. At first Duster was thrilled until she realized that she had no home and nowhere to go. Twilight hadn't thought that part through, where could the eohippus go where she'd be safe and learn how to live in Equestria? The princess would volunteer but she had no place to house a young pony now could she think of anypony in Ponyville with the room and knowhow to care for an eohippus.

Duster's only friend in Equestria, Lamp Post, stepped up and offered to adopt Duster into his family. He and his pegasus wife, Moonbow's, grown children had moved away, and they both had plenty of room and attention to give to her. Duster happily accepted the offer and has been living with Lamp Post and Moonbow, slowly learning how to live in Equestria. She tries to cling to Twilight whenever the alicorn travels to Canterlot.

She is currently learning how to write so she can communicate with Twilight more often.

(Story a collaborative effort between myself and Tzelael of FiMFiction.)

Other Info: My ponysona. Name originates from the Dust Bowl slang for huge dust storms and the literal translation for eohippus (eo/dawn + hippus/horse)


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