You're My Hero!

You're My Hero!

Vikai waited behind the giant boulder, ready to pounce on the poor fool who had been following him. As he began to get into position however, he heared the high pitched squeak of none other than Sarafina, the cub he had rescued from mortal danger not but a few weeks back. "Vikai!" She exclaimed as she trotted up to stand in front of him, smile beaming. "Sarafina," the teenaged lion began. "What exactly do you think you're doing?" He tried his best not to sound as infuriated as he felt. "I was just wondering if you would play with me. " she told him innocently. "There are plenty of other cubs to play with. Taka- or Sarabi." "But I don't want to play with them!" Sarafina replied, stomping her tiny paws into the dirt. "Why exactly do you want to play with me?" He asked her. "Because you're my hero!" She swooned. Vikai felt an icy cold sensation trickling down his spine. Not even full grown and he was already being persecuted by a lioness. His eyes widened in terror at the realization that for the next few weeks he would not be able to rid himself of the cub no matter how hard he tried. "What joy." He stated.

Sarafina, original images and background (c) Disney
Vikai, render and story (c) me

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