Tread Carefully, My Niece

Tread Carefully, My Niece

Tama awoke to the sound of pawsteps nearing her. When she lifted her head, she let out a small gasp. Before her, her king and uncle stood. "Tama." He greeted, though his tone was anything but welcoming. "What is it uncle?" She asked, hating the way her voice hitched. "If you were not so beloved by Vashkartzen," He bagan, "You would not have lived for so long." Tama's eyes widened at the suggestion. "Tread carefully, my niece." He told her with a smirk on his face. "Vashkartzen's heart would heal after some time. Still, I would hate to put him through it."

Tama spent the rest of the night wide awake. This was it, she had decided. She was not staying here in these acursed lands, and neither was her beloved brother Vash.

Tama, Scar, original images and background (c) Disney
Render and story (c) me

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