Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go

"He will never let you go. The moment he finds out you are carrying his cub he will keep you here, locked away if necessary." "And that is why I must leave!" Aneesa insisted. "You will never be welcomed back. If you abandon him he will grow to hate you. And if he found out you ran off with his child? He will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth. I'm not so certain that even I could keep him away from you." Vikai reasoned, still uncertain of whether or not he wanted to be caught up in Aneesa's mess. The young lioness stood before him with such an uncompromising expression that for a moment he was painfully reminded of the strength of conviction of his dearly departed Hemsa. Still, he was not surprised. Aneesa was afterall her niece, and the same fiery persistence coursed through her as it did her aunt. "I would happily run to the ends of the Earth and back if it meant raising my cub in a land untouched by your brother." She told him. Vikai sighed, understanding and resignation on his face. "Very well then. Say your goodbyes now, we leave at nightfall."

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Aneesa, Vikai and render (c) me

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