Enraged, Endangered, and Deranged

Enraged, Endangered, and Deranged

"Shouldn't you be grovelling in thanks for what I just did for you?"

The smack he got was the last thing he had been expecting. Vikai stared for a moment in horror as the lioness he had just risked his own life to rescue reared up on him. "How dare you?" She asked, baring her long teeth. "How dare I? What kind of deranged are you?" He snarled back, his tail whipping furiously. "You do one good thing at the last minute and you expect me to what? Bow to your greatness and sing praises of your glory? I don't think so!" She responded, getting ready to lunge at him. "I was kidding!" He yelled at her. "I was joking! I mean you no harm. I said it as a joke. I didn't know it would upset you so." He tried again, this time lowering his voice and hoping to lessen her own anger by doing so.

She took a moment to think about his words before she finally sheathed her claws. "You shouldn't joke like that. You sound too much like a lion I once knew. Not the kind of guy you want to be around." She responded, and the sudden softness of her voice surprised him. "I'm Vikai." He told her. "Hemsa." She responded.

Original images and background (c) Disney
Hemsa, Vikai, Render and story (c) me

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