Zira's Pride

Zira's Pride

This is half of Zira's Out-Land Pride (my theory-universe). From left to right we have Inira, Najuma (with her small cub Tamu in her arms), Jata, cub Nuka, Oyanna, and lastly Amne :D

This is a scene taken from my fan-fic where Cheezi and Chungu (Janja's two hyena sidekicks) had found newborn Kovu and Vitani inside a open plains abandon. So thus, they bring them to the Out-Lands to show Zira. The pride members are hoping that they cubbies will stay which is why they all have happy smiles here haha. This base fits perfectly with my story-line <3

Base: Rethza(C), (Deviant Art).
Inira, Najuma, Tamu, Jata, Oyanna, and Amne: Me(C).
Nuka: Disney(C).

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