"You've Found Me!"

"Kopa...KOPA!" a voice calls from a far distance.

Kopa flicked his ears. He was walking side by side along his sister Reem but suddenly paused after hearing a familiar voice yell his name from afar. He turned around, squinting his eyes since he can not see too well due to the desert sand being blown in the wind. Once the winds stopped, Abelina appears more closely running down a small sand dune.

Kopa gasp with shock. He can't believe that she has traveled all this way from the Pride Lands alone. She really did come back for him <3

"Kopa!" she yells again, this time smiling big. She picks up her running pace.

Kopa smiles big too and runs after her leaving an confused Reem behind. The two lovers hug each other tight and nuzzled warmly once met.

"Oh Kopa!" Abelina purrs. "I am so sorry that I did not come along with you two. I don't know what I was thinking..."

Kopa purrs back and chuckled, "Hey there, it's okay. Your'e here now and that is all what matters, right?"

She giggles, "Okay."

"But I do have to ask, what made you change your mind?" He asks, curious.

Abelina looked down at her paws, her ears falling flat in a 'sad' way. "My mother let me go. She wanted me to start my life with you...she said that she will be fine back at home. I promise her that I would visit."

Kopa slightly smiles and placed a paw on top of her own, "Wow, that is such a big step and sacrifice for the both of you. I am completely stunned! Don't worry, i will make sure that you are safe with me and well taken care of. Plus, we can always visit Pride Rock whenever you are up for it. Okay?" He reassured.

She nuzzles him again, "Okay."

This is the little start of my AbelinaXKopa story as said in Abelina's bio, this is exactly what happened when she finally decides to leave Pride Rock to be with Kopa. :D Such a beautiful beginning.

Abelina: Me(C).
Kopa: Disney(C).
Reem: TheRainbowBandit(C).
Base: Truelightportal (C), DA.
Background: Prince-Voldy(C), DA.

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May 16, 2020
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I know right?! :icon40: :icon32:

May 16, 2020
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Awwww:KiaraCry: :KiaraHearts:

May 15, 2020
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:KiaraLaugh: Yup, exactly! Reem is all like "Mmmmm Hmmmm" with a big smirk probably. And I knowwww, they are simply the cutest :KiaraHearts:

May 15, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Ugh my heart aches for these two. Glad to see Abelina finally pursuing her own life! I can just picture Reem in the background with the most amused look on her face and an "I told you she would!" comment ready to depart as soon as Kopa is within ear shot haha.

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