"You Have To Help Us"

Sarafina: "Mega, you have to help us. Scar is going to destroy everything that Mufasa has worked hard on during his time as King. Scar allowed the hyenas into our territory as well! This is dangerous for everyone including the children."

Mega: "I am so sorry to hear that Saffy, how awful! But I can not help you."

Sarafina: "And why not? You have a bigger pride than us and your much older and stronger than Scar. You could easily win!"

Mega: "Sarafina, I am not young anymore. I don't have the strength like I use to..."

Sarafina: "I understand..."

Mega: "You and your cubs come live with me at my pride. You will be taken care of and safe!"

Sarafina: "As much as I would love to, I can not abandon my family Mega. Pride Rock is where I belong..."

Mega: "Hm, I see..."

Sarafina: "I want our son to join you though. I don't want him killed or hurt from Scar or the hyenas. I know he will be good with you."

Mega: "I dont know Sarafina, you have more experience in raising cubs than I do."

Sarafina: "Don't worry, I will go over it with you!"

Mega: "Okay..."

Base: Aroshae (C).
Mega and Sarafina: Me(C).

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