"You Are Worthy"

Zaire: "What's the use of returning home Aalin, no one would want me there. I am worthless and a coward who got kicked out of his own pride and fought his father...my mother would not look at me the same..."

Aalin: "You are worthy, Zaire. Don't talk down yourself like that. I see an amazing, sweet soul inside of you. Sure you and your father had gotten into a terrible fight, but at least explain to your mother why. You wanted to protect your pride and mother from the hyenas. I understand that."

Zaire: "But I don't have the courage to go alone...my father is a dangerous lion, Aalin."

Aalin: "Then, I will go with you."

Zaire: "No, it's too dangerous! If he hurts you I swear-"

Aalin: "Trust me, I am prepared for anything."

Uh oh....

Base: Truelightportal(C).
Aalin and Zaire: Me(C).

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