Wondering Cubbies

Wondering Cubbies

Once again, I was lazy to add a background haha. But the image is still cute regardless with or without! Here we have my precious character "Sani" with his adorable half-sister "Noni". Sani looks so much like his father Simba here in this base, I just love it <3.

Noni (crouches low behind the rock, looks unsure): "Uh Sani, something is telling me that we shouldn't be here without mom and dad!"

Sani (Rolls his eyes with annoyance and then smiles ready to see what today's adventure will hold): "Blah blah, we do not need our parents with us for everything Noni. This is the time to show them that we are capable of being alone. Now come on!"

Sani is so adventurous and a trouble-maker just like his daddy :D. Noni is smart knowing that whatever her brother is up is going to be bad 10 out of 10. But her curiosity begs her to join.


Base: Rethza/Sasha-Shasta (C), (deviant art).

Noni: Sierra (C).

Sani: ME(C).

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July 27, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yes!!!! :TLKlove:

July 27, 2019
Usa Female Is currently on the site
They are so dang cute :)

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