'Why Did You Leave The Out-Lands?'

'Why Did You Leave The Out-Lands?'

Amana: "Why did you leave the Out-Lands?"
Kovu: (Sighs deeply): "Amana, it is a story that you wouldn't quite understand why...I had my reasons and a much younger mind back than as well."
Amana (Furrow her brows): "Well, I do understand that you've abandon a family..."
Kovu (is hurt by his daughter's comment and growls): "How could you say that Amana?! You've heard me tell you a few days ago that I had no idea you've existed. Your mother kept you away from me on purpose for you to grow up without a father as way of revenge getting back at me. It was cruel and unfair of her to do that. I would have loved to be there at the birth and watch you grow up into the beautiful young-adult lioness you are now. Trust me I would have!"
Amana: "I dont know father...it is hard for me to believe right now at the moment. Even before I was born, you've left the Out-Lands to be with the annoying Princess..."
Kovu: "Watch your mouth, she is still your step-mother!"
Amana (Snorts and walks away): "She will never have a relation to me. You've left my mother for her..."
Kovu is stung and watched his daughter exit the scene in silence. He shook his head with sadden and realizes how much Zahara (Amana's mother) has poisoned their daughter's head. He must search for Zahara in the Out-Lands and talk to her.
Base/Background: Indeh-Bases(C), (Deviant Art).
Kovu: Disney(C).
Zahara and Amana: ME(C).

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