Where's My Father?

Where's My Father?

A couple of years later, Aalin returns to the Pride Lands as a young adult. This is the first time she has returned. The last time she was here, she was just a little cub and Mufasa, her father was ruling Pride Rock.

Now, her Uncle Scar is the King. She notice how drastically things have changed since she last remembered as a cub. She climbs up the tall magnificent rock in search of her parents (not knowing that Mufasa has passed).

She finds her mother (sarafina) with a younger lioness (Nala). Aalin is nervous to approach them.

Aalin: "M-Mom?"

Sarafina looks puzzled, since it has been a long while since she last seen her first born. She gave Aalin a long stare and then it hit her...It is her and Mufasa's daughter.

Sarafina: "A-Aalin? You are here... but why?"

Aalin: "I wanted to visit you and dad. Where is he?"

Nala, who also looks puzzled, looked at her mother for answers.

Nala: "Mom, what's going on?"

Then that is when the truth is spilled. Sarafina explains everything to her youngest daughter Nala, who is stunned by the news. Nala is speechless to have known that her mother would have a cub by the King and behind Queen Sarabi's back, her supposedly bff.

Sarafina tries to shoo Aalin off, not disrespectfully but sort of rejects her. She doesn't want Scar or the hyenas to find out Aalin's existence, only for her safety. Aalin is angry that her mother is trying to get rid of her.

Base: Truelightportal(C), DA.
Nala, Sarafina, and background: Disney(C).
Aalin: Me(C).

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