We Meet Again

We Meet Again

So, this render took me a good hour to complete and it was well worth it because I enjoyed doing so and it was fun <3 It turned out great! I like making renders of these two :D


Damisi and Uma stumble across each other's paths yet again. This time, Damisi was not the wanderer. Uma is! Damisi was searching inside a cave in high hopes of finding prey hiding inside. Uma picked up Damisi scent and wanted meet him again. But when Damisi turned around, he got startled by her unexpected show-up.

Due to the cave being narrow, the two bumped nuzzles. Uma blushed and so did Damisi, but in a shy way.

Damisi: "U-Uma? Your'e here??"

Uma: "Heh, yeah...hey there uh Damisi! I just wanted to stop by and asked if you wanted to hang and catch up?"

Damisi: "Oh, of course sure!"

Base/Render: Me(C).
Damisi: Me(C).
Uma: Sierra(C).
Original Image: Disney(C).

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Thanks girls :KiaraSmile:

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Awe ^^

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Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody

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