Visiting Home

Visiting Home

Kion decides to pay his old home a visit, the Pride-Lands. He currently lives at the Night Pride with his mate "Rani". Timon and Tiifu were in search for Pumbaa, Kiara, and Zuri, and happened to stumble across Kion in the jungle.

Tiifu is stunned by how much Kion has grown. The last time they've seen each other was when they were younger, the day Kion had left Pride-Rock to join Rani's pride. Tiifu's old feelings for Kion have returned as she awkwardly felt nervous and shy around him. Little did she know, Kion secretly felt the same.

(Note: This is my made up theory!).

Timon: "Wow, I can not believe it. The King's son has returned! I must fetch Simba right away. He will be thrilled, so will your mother and sister."

Tiifu: "Welcome back Kion. You were missed! There's a lot we must catch up on."

Kion: "Yes, I agree Tiifu!"
Base: Me(C).
Original image, Kion, Tiifu, and Timon: Disney(C).

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