This Is Wrong

This Is Wrong

Hami: "This is wrong Zira, why are we doing this?"

Zira: "What? Spying on the Pride-Landers?"

Hami: "We are invading their privacy. They have not done anything wrong to us. Why are we here now?"

Zira: "I've explained this to you more than once Hami. I knew I should have of brought Oyanna with me or one of the other lionesses. Your'e too much of scary cat to join my side."

Hami: "I dont feel comfortable doing dirty work at all, especially when it has nothing to do with me."

Zira: "You are a part of this Hami. You've joined my pride which means you are a part of everything I do and say. You've made a strong commitment leaving your family and pride just for sweet' ole Amne. Now here is what comes along with it. You either follow my orders or leave Amne. Which one is it?"

Hami: "Are you threatening me, Zira?"

Zira: "Yes I am and I am serious about it too. I know how much you love Amne and for her to see you exile would be terrible. So the choice is yours!"

Hami: "Fine...I will continue on with the plan. What do I have to do?"

Zira: *Smirks widely* "Excellent, smart young lion."

Base: Aroshae (C), Deviant Art
Zira and Background: Disney(C).
Hami, Oyanna, and Amne: ME(C).

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