There Is No Turning Back

There Is No Turning Back

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Oyanna stood alone over the canyon cliff, thinking to herself lost inside of her own deep mysterious thoughts. She thought her old home 'Pride Rock', her family members and old friends there, and her deceased mother of course. The scene of her mother lying down lifeless on the ground continues on replaying in her head; a memory that she could not ever forget. Oyanna released a tear.

The sound of walking paws comes close. Oyanna twitched her ears and turn around facing the one who approached, her new leader Zira.

Zira: "Child, what are you doing here? Your sister have been searching for you. We are continuing our travel after lunch. You must eat, you will need all of your energy to walk these long distances and hot deserts."

Oyanna: "Sorry, I will be there in just a minute. I just needed time alone away from everyone..."

Zira: "Is everything alright?"

Oyanna: "Yes...I was feeling home-sick that is all."

Zira remained silent. She raised her brow, Oyanna continued on.

Oyanna: "I wonder how is everyone else is doing back at home if they are thinking about us..."

Zira loudly growled as she instantly thought about Simba. In her eyes and mind, she believes that he is a traitor to Scar and does not care about her and the others.

Zira: "There is no turning back Oyanna. You've joined this pride and made a strong commitment to me. You will become a good use someday once well-trained of course. I need you're intelligence and strength. You may not know it yet, but I see something great in you! You will see why soon. Keep your head up high, Simba wants us to crawl back and we will NOT allow it that easily. Understand?"

Oyanna: "Yes, I understand..."

Base: TrueLightPortal (C) Deviant Art.
Background and Zira: Disney and tlk (C).
Oyanna: ME(C).

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