The Royal Baby Is Here!

The Royal Baby Is Here!

Amne: "Guess what Oyanna, the royal baby is here!"

Oyanna was getting a nice bath from their mother, until Amne comes along interrupting. Frustrated, Oyanna frowns and said...

Oyanna: "You interrupt my afternoon bath with some non-important royal news, Amne?!"

Amne: *giggles* "It is important silly! I've heard rumors around saying that it is a boy, which means another future King and perhaps someone new to play with."

Oyanna: "You know King Scar and Queen Zira will not allow regular cubs like us near their baby. That is breaking their rules!"

Amne: "Well, do you think we could at least have a small shot of seeing what he likes look?"

Oyanna: *shrugs* "Maybe, maybe not. I am sure they will view their baby in front of the whole pride when it is time. He was just born, so chances the answer is no. Why are you so excited about it anyway?"

Amne: "I dont know..."

Base: TrueLightPortal (C), deviant art.
Background: Disney(C).
Amne and Oyanna: ME(C).

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