'The Pride-Lands?!'

'The Pride-Lands?!'

This scene takes place when Simba allows Kovu to stay at Pride-Rock based on judgment and after Kovu teaches Kiara on how to better her hunt. Kovu explains how much he is enjoying the Princess and staying at Pride-Rock, he was thinking about staying their permanently and wants to tell Kiara the truth of Zira's plan but doesn't know how to explain it to her yet.

So, the first lions he went to first to talk about it is his childhood besties 'Kheri' and 'Tamu'. The two young-adult males were shocked after hearing Kovu's story. They couldnt believe it that the Out-Land Prince is going against his mother's plan and knows that the Queen will be angry if she were to find out that he is falling in love with the Princess and plans on leaving the Out-Lands for good.

Kheri: "The Pride-Lands?! Kovu, are you insane?!"

Tamu: "Yeah, Zira is going to kill you for real this time if you leave the pride. She already let the fire escape plan go, but if she hears about this one...oh man!"

Kovu: "Guys relax, I know what I am doing. Just promise to keep this as a secret between us okay? I trust you both. And dont bother telling Zahara, I will have my own private word with her tonight. But keep this away from my mother please?"

Kheri and Tamu: "Alright..."

Base: ChubNarwhalBases (C), (Deviant Art).
Background: Disney(C).
Kheri, Tamu, and Zahara: Me(C).
Kovu: Disney(C).

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